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Posting content on different pages

Updated on January 15, 2016
WordPress user
WordPress user


Website building or creating a blog has become or of the most popular activities on the internet. Nearly about 10,000 blogs are created in a month, with so many popular easy to use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, blogger, Joomla, Tumblr can easily create a site or blog, write awesome content of different niches but will face difficulties especially new WordPress user to separate content in different niches pages .

If that is the case with my dear reading this article no need of panicking as I will share with you my secret of separating content in different pages. Firstly you need to understand that one cannot use pages directly to update new articles in a required field because page are only used for static information such as ABOUT INFO, PHYSCICAL ADDRESS and contact details. But instead we use categories to separate content into different niches and update new ones.

The following are the steps required to perform the process

WordPress dashboard
WordPress dashboard

Step to Followed

Step 1

You have to firstly log onto your wordpress site dashboard either hosted by or on a self hosted site and enter your log in details.

Step 2

Inside the wordpress dashboard scroll down to were its says post then a small pop menu show up and from there choose create new category and begin adding categorises of different niches by giving them names according to your plan or the way you want them to appear in the navigation bar on your blog.

Step 3

Then after you create categories of different names like Tech, Education, lifestyle, Money, Love and and scroll to it say appearance, the pop menu will appear and choose menu. Then you add them or make as menus then save and check they will appear just like pages.

Step 4

And lastly you can add content to different categories , when writing a blog post and they will appear differently on different section like any other website you seen

WordPress theme sample
WordPress theme sample

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