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Power Outdoor Holiday Displays with Westinghouse Photocell 3 Outlet Stake

Updated on March 15, 2011


Lighted yard decorations are fun. Some families can hardly wait for a good reason to string lights and to set up huge blow up spiders, snowmen or even football players. As with most fun however there is also some work involved. Timing when the lights get turned on and off can put a strain on any daily schedule. The expense of blowing air into those huge decorations is expensive during the time that “lookers” is in bed asleep.

There Has to be an Easier Way to Control the Timing of Outdoor Lighted Displays

Automating the lighting processes allows for more enjoyment for both those decorating and those passing by. The Westinghouse Photocell 3 Outlet Stake solves two problems. Each stake provides 3 electrical outlets and can turn the decorations on and off according to the time of day or at a specified time you choose. Decorations come to life at dusk and turn off at dawn unless setup otherwise.


Place Multiple Outdoor Lighted Displays Where You Choose

Decorating with multiple lighted displays can be an issue since each one operates via electricity. True, many of the electrical cords found on lighted displays allow for daisy chaining one to the other. However, spacing each piece of the display is often a problem. If all outlets are lined up along an outside wall or are located high on a porch roof you may be out of luck.


The Westinghouse Photocell 3 Outlet Stake is unobtrusive and does not detract from the decorative display. The dark green color blends in the outdoor scene. Each Outlet Stake measures just taller than 14 inches. The outlet box measures a little over 7 inches tall by a little over 3 inches wide. Simply plug the stake into an outside outlet and stick into the ground anywhere within the reach of the cord.

A red light at the top of the Outlet Stake proves that power is reaching the unit. There are 3 electrical outlets (grounded) – with clear hinged outlet covers making each one weatherproof. The covers stay in place – although they lift up to allow for a cord to plug into the outlet.

The Westinghouse Photocell 3 Outlet Stake is a small solution to a big problem. Decorating for the holidays or for special events should be a joy not an exercise in futility. I have forgone decorating in the past due to the lack of electrical outlets. This year will be different.


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