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Power Shortage in India.

Updated on September 7, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

How Gujarat has made its state 24x7 power supply.

Gujarat in India is one state which fascinates me as it has power 24x7 through out the state and even can supply power to other states.The advise of the present PM to previous PM if it was implemented this state could have given its river water to other states.In spite of present PM reminding the previous PM regarding his request to raise the Narmada Dam height so that water and even power would get increased in other state his pathetic looking face did not give even a hit of his silence over the matter nor he took any action.It is now a matter of time when the present PM who was the Chief Minister of Gujrat takes steps as he had done in Gujarat that India will see some improvement on daily basis and all round improvement in many many states in next 5 years.

The total power generated in India is around 2.51 Lac MW by use of thermal,coal,gas,nuclear and others by state,central and private sectors.It is quite surprising to note that the central govt produced only 28% of power while the states produced 38% and the private sector produced over 35%. The private sector if given proper motivation would have prevented the country facing such huge shortage in the power needs of the country.The country's power center has no capacity to produce power while the private sector has produced more power than the people in power up to the period they were in power till May 2014.

The area of Karnataka is ----196078 Sq Kilometers

The area of Gujarat is ---------191791 sq Kilometers.

The Number of Rivers in Karnataka is more than the rivers of Gujarat,while many rivers disappear in deserts of Gujarat nothing like that happens in Karnataka.All the rivers of Karnataka flow in to the sea or go to other states and also come to Karnataka from other states.

Gujarat has Surplus Power while Karnataka has Deficit Power.Karnataka has to wait for another 10 years perhaps to become self sufficient in power from any or all sources.Why is the Governament so slow in this Vision and planning.The Congress has ruled the state and was in power in Central also.Was there a Minister for Power Generation in State or Central Governament.If so what was he doing then.The Ministers in Karnataka were more interested in making money than power generation.Not a single minister in the past was qualified to call himself a Electrical Engineer.Sir.M.Visweswaraiah built a Dam which is world famous,he was a Civil Engineer used no cement in this Awesome Dam.He was the Dewan of the Princly State of Mysore.Which is equivelent to that of a Chief Minister of this State who may not even entered the gates of a college.

How many Dams are built after 1924 when the first Dam KRS at Mysore was built.The list shows as many as 17 Dams.That is one Dam every 5 years,which is perfect.Perfect if they are equal in power generation.If not what has happened.Were the Dams built to make money by those who wanted it built.A Joke that goes round is that of a Billionier who replied when asked how he made so much money said he made it building a Dam.When further asked where was the Dam he said that is the point there is no Dam.

Every house in Bangalore has a water Heater and some Solar water heaters.The Govt has made it Mandatory for Rain Water Harvesting,there no such thing for electric water heaters to be droped and make Solar Water Heaters Mandatory,when we have such huge power shortage.It is indeed a welcome move for water shortage though there is no such thing as shortage of Bottled Drinking water.

Govt collects various types of taxes and we pay it.Every Rupee of Tax collected how much is spent on Govt employees and Ministers.The non revenue generation of or tax eaten away by the govt itself.Let us add the money pocketed on revemue generation projects.The balance is perhaps just 20 %.This is subject to correction.

How much power is Generated and how much is utilized for various operations by domestic and Industry sectors.How much Power is stolen.How much power is free.How much is lost in transmission.How much power is not generated due to Govt's indifference and negligence.A private party from a rich coffee plantation submitted a proposal to the Dist Commisionner for approal and he also submited the same to Govt of Guja rat.He got his approval with in 37 days,but the same proposal is still with the Dist Commissionners office at his district.What more proof is needed as to how the Govt works in Karnataka.

In Karnataka various users pay various tariffs to the Govt,rural IP set users pay only 40 paisa while Industry pays Rs.4.50.How much money the Govt has lost due to this parity.We can see huge Resorts and Hotels in Rural areas how much do they pay.Who goes to see the usage of power in rural areas.Power generated in Karnataka goes to Tamil Nadu because they agred to pay the price while not so by Karnataka Govt.When in Crisis the Govt showed this man the Rule Book,he showed the Court order.

Surprisingly few villages in Karnataka get uninterupted power because of Mini Power Generation Plants.Every large Hotel and Restaurant in Karnataka are having there own Gen Sets let them di it permenently and stop power and pay their expencr for their own production.

We have the Sick RAICHUR THERMAL POWER STATION, They have been over worked due to insufficient Rains,Irresponsible executives who are inefficient and Corrupt.The demur-rage on coal being not unloaded is Rs.7 crore.There is no direct Rail link from the Singarani Coal Mines to Raichur where the per day consumption is 21,000 to 25,000 Tons.

Mr.Jairaj Energy secretary says - we are peanut-buttering our resource.These bureaucrats while they talk very smartly as they were tutored they play a very poor role in executing any projects that come for clearance to their table.They simple write some smart question on the document and send it back or up depending on their smart judgement.Politicians on the other hand are mostly for keeping their power and not helping to produce power by themselves or by private power producing capabilities that they know but will not let them produce power by motivating by any means that they can by the power they get from their office that they hold.These politicians hold money power while the country has no power to supply even one electric bulb in many villages across the entire country.

The previous Govt Oil Minister said that our country is floating in oil but not taking a decision to produce or take out the oil from the source that is waiting to come out from below the sea.We have so much coal that many coal mines are idle due to coal block allocation done by the previous govt being done on a procedure poor decision done by the ministers in power.

Production of Power Data.

Power Generated by -
1.73 Lac
1.50 Lac
0.23 Lac
0.12 Lac
Hydro ( Renueable )
0.41 Lac
0.05 Lac
Renewauble Energy Sources.
May be + or - as it is from a record in my dairy.

Solar Water Heater.

Wind Power

War Horse of Karnataka.

The RTPS called as Raichur Power Supply has been working since non stop since 20 years.The Chief Minister by the time knows its importance he will go and the next man takes any interest he would need his share.This War Horse of Karnataka is Dogged by
The RTPS called as Raichur Power Supply has been working since non stop since 20 years.The Chief Minister by the time knows its importance he will go and the next man takes any interest he would need his share.This War Horse of Karnataka is Dogged by

Coal consumed by RTPS @ Rs.5 Croe a day.

This is Coal in plenty from mother earth.
This is Coal in plenty from mother earth.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 6 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.


    • pramodgokhale profile image

      pramodgokhale 6 years ago from Pune( India)

      Power situation many states is bad and cause of unemployment.Your hub is eye opener but government could not.

    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      thanks to 'thevoice'

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 8 years ago from carthage ill

      first rate hub write read thanks


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