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Power of Specific Long Tail Keyword

Updated on September 10, 2014

It is vital to select the right keywords for your webpage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to rank well in Search Engine rather than generic single keyword or double keyword phrases, and also to get your money's worth if you're advertising using Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. I recommended you opting for less popular keywords which are rarely noticed or exploited.

Long Tail Keyword is a specific 3 or more keyword phrases. You will attract more targeted visitors if you use this power and specific long tail keyword in your keyword meta tags, and people who are searching for this long tail keyword has a trend towards buying something.

Let me illustrate this idea, let say that your visitors are seeking information on holiday vacation package to buy. If they're using the "travel package" keyword in the search engine then they would probably just want to surf around and still searching for something that would probably catch their eyes. If you tried to use this phrase in your keyword meta tags, your webpage would definitely plunged deeply in search engine results.

But if your visitor typing "Royal Caribbean Cruise Package" keyword in the search engine, I think all of you agree that this type of visitor are looking for a specific holiday package. So build your web pages with a lot of pages with unique title, meta tag, header tag and content based on your chosen long tail keyword for each specific page. Don't focus on just two or three generic keywords, but focus on several specific long tail keywords which are easy to rank in major search engine. Please bear in mind that don't build your web pages weighting too much on this specific long tail keyword because of the small traffic coming from this long tail keyword. The rule is 30% on generic keywords and 70% on long tail keyword.

Finding the right keywords is a very important step in SEO. Take some time to find the best long tail keywords and then optimize your web pages for these specific long tail keywords to get a high ranking in any major search engine which will lead you to a profitable bottom line.


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