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Power of Wind

Updated on July 23, 2013
For more information, please visit
For more information, please visit

What is Wind Power?

Wind Power is the renewable resource produced by wind turbines in heavily winded areas (lakes). Wind power is one of the major renewable resources in Canada and is popular in cities along the lakes, ocean, and so forth.

How Does Wind Power Make A Change In Our World?

Wind power is a renewable resource, this means that it does not take away form any of our natural resources and uses natural elements to provide electricity for us. It better protects our environment in order to ensure a more suitable life for us and the next generations to come.

Wind power is one of a few select resources which can be set up in a mass amount of areas. It can be set up in one's back yard in order to lower electricity bills inside a home. It can be set up alongside a rural town, or a high winded valley. Wind powered turbines can be placed just about anywhere so long as there is a steady air flow.

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How Could I Make A Difference?

I could make a difference by attending rural discussions over the matters of wind turbines in my local area. I could also set up a small wind turbine in my back yard in order to lower electricity fees. The Power of Wind makes so many options available to me if I were to create a spot for wind turbines in the field beside my house. I could write letters to my local MPP and MP about wind turbines and their benefits to our environment in order to persuade them to build more. I could even go as far as to raise funds in order to petition for some.

I am change. I am the first step towards a different and more renewable energy sourced future. It is a very special privilege to take on. This requires a firm attitude towards the betterment of our society, environment, lifestyle, and future.


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