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Updated on February 16, 2010

The Powermat Wireless Charging Pad

What exactly is a Powermat?  The Powermat is a new device that charges your electronic devices without the hassle of all your cords and adapters.  The Powermat itself acts as a transmitter and when you plug one of the available receivers into your electronic device and place it on the Powermat, it charges the batteries.  How cool is that?

How does it work?

The Powermat works by using magnetic induction and proprietary technology to provide power to your gadgets. Apparently it turns ordinary surfaces such as your tables and counter tops or desks into conductors of electricity. And it does this all safely adhering to all relevant international safety regulations. Who cares how it works, the important thing is that it does work! Now instead of having numerous cords and various chargers cluttering up your workspace, you can now have one cord and one charger for all of your devices!

See the Powermat in action!

Powermat PMM-HO100
Powermat PMM-HO100

When you place your device onto the Powermat, it plays a sound as well as turning on an indicator light to let you know you have a good connection.  When you remove the device, the sound plays again and the light goes out.  Both the indicator light and audio signal are adjustable, you can even disable them if you wish.  The Powermat allows for up to three wireless devices to charge at the same time as well as a wired USB connection for older legacy devices.

PowerCube Universal Adapter (included with the Powermat)
PowerCube Universal Adapter (included with the Powermat)

Each Powermat also comes with a PowerCube universal adapter. The PowerCube contains eight different tips that act as receivers when plugged into your device. The included tips are:

  • Mini USB Tip - Blackberrie
  • Micro USB Tip
  • Apple Tip - for Apple iPods and iPhones
  • DS Lite Tip - Nintendo DS
  • DSi Tip - Nintendo DSi
  • LG 1 Tip - Most LG 1 Phones
  • Samsung 2 Tip - Most Samsung 2 Phones
  • Sony PSP Tip - sony PSP

In addition to the PowerCube, separate receivers are available for a number of products (sold separately) such as the iPhone and Nintendo DS that remain on the device allowing you full use of your gadget and not needing to plug in one of the tips to charge it. Powermat also claims that they are continually developing new device specific receivers, and until one comes out for your device, the PowerCube claims to work with hundreds of devices.

I must admit, this is one of the coolest gadgets I have seen in a long time.  Who ever thought we would be able to transfer power to all of our other cool gadgets through the air.


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    • profile image

      kevin d 5 years ago

      To stop the noise: take the rubber nubs off the bottom, they are just held in place by sticky substance. unscrew the four screws that the previous step will uncover. Pull the two halves apart. the speaker is the circle object near the top of the bottom plate. cut the two wires to the speaker and the sound from the powermat will go away. your phone will still make its charging noise as if you're plugging it in normally and the powermat lights will light up to let you know that it is working.then just close it back up and enjoy charging in silence.

    • profile image

      Mike 7 years ago

      How do you disable the light or sound when you place the device down or pick it up? I just got a single power mat for iphone4 and can't seem to find out how to turn it off. Any ideas?

    • 1974 profile image

      1974 8 years ago from Florida

      That sucks, surely it is still under warranty.

    • profile image

      Powerless 8 years ago

      My powermat is not working anymore. only had it for 2 weeks!

    • NextGenMouse profile image

      NextGenMouse 8 years ago

      This is very cool - taking the wireless message to the world. I wonder if it will work with our gadget..?