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Powerpoint Three Benefits of Using Powerpoint for Presentations

Updated on July 3, 2009

So you have a big presentation to make for work or school, but you do not even know where to start. Well, one of the first places that you are going to want to start is by completing all of your research in a timely manner. After you have finished all of your research you are probably going to be like some of us and panic stricken about what to do to ensure that your presentation will be good and well liked. I know that one great program that can help you organize a great presentation is by using Microsoft's PowerPoint. Here are the benefits that I have found of using PowerPoint to make your presentations go smoothly and efficiently.

The first benefit that I have found of using PowerPoint to organize my presentations is that the program is easy to use. I know that some people will say that they have tried to use PowerPoint in the past without much success, but as with any program that you are going to try to use there is a learning curve that is involved that you have to master before you can use the program quickly. However, you will be able to quickly put together a presentation with a little bit of familiarity. I know that you can put the program together for a presentation in about fifteen minutes and could take longer if you want to fine tune the program.

The second benefit that I have found of using PowerPoint is that I am able to put together an excellent slide show with various arrows and other leading images into pointing out the key points in the topic that I am trying to cover. So if I am trying to point out that I want to make an emphasis on the cooking time for an item then I will have the regular slide come up then have an arrow that when I click the next button will point directly to that or make it flash or do something that will draw people's attention.

The third benefit of using PowerPoint is that I do not have to memorize my presentation like I would or confuse people by telling them what page to look at in a printed off presentation. So I will be able to use the PowerPoint as a reference point that will give me a kind of cheat sheet to see my topic and remember what I am talking about.

While some people will be scared to death of doing a presentation others will enjoy being able to use PowerPoint to do the presentation on. I know that for me I love using PowerPoint because of the ease of use, the ability to draw attention to certain objects that I want pointed out, and I do not have to memorize my presentation


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      amosa nurudeen abiodun 7 years ago

      i want to familiar with power point presentation in terms of knowing all things pertaining to power point presentation