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Prepaid Calling Cards-How To Choose One

Updated on August 15, 2011

International Prepaid Calling Cards

More and more people are using cell phones these days as cellular carrier's competition drive down prices. Just not too long ago a major cellular carrier just offered $10 a month at home use. And long distance calls are already free for cell phone uses. I think the time for land line telephones are almost over and people will be using cell phones for at home use. But using cell phones to make international call is not cheap.

Most companies in the US charge $1.99 per minute. Which is insane. But there is a way to make cheaper international calls. You can use prepaid calling cards. You might have heard of international phone cards that you can use to make calls. You usually find them in convience stores and they come in increments of $10 -$50 dollars. You would have to scratch the card to reveal your personal identification number on the card.

Prepaid Calling cards are a much better option. You can purchase them at home with the convienence of the internet. They come in a large variety of increments and you can refill your time automatically. But the best thing about a Prepaid Phone Card is that you do not need to remember your personal identifcation number. Another reason why Prepaid Phone Cards are better than regular phone cards is that if you lose a phone card, it is gone.

You can not lose a prepaid calling card because all your information is stored in the company's database.

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