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Problem Connecting to WPA2 Encrypted Wireless Network Wi-Fi in Windows XP SP2

Updated on February 13, 2013

For those who are not familiar with wireless security protocols, WPA 2 is an improvement over WPA protocol. It can offer increased security and will refuse access to computer users who do not know the authentification key set by the owner of the wireless router. Three are the options for wireless locking: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is the minimum security setting and is not advised anymore because it can easily be cracked, thus the authentification key can fall in wrong hands. WPA followed, offering way stronger security, but this too, with a fast computer (fast processor actually) and a big dictionary can be cracked, unless the key is strong and long enough. WPA 2 is considered even safer.

Computers running Windows XP with the Service Pack 2 have problems connecting to wireless routers that are secured using the WPA 2 (WiFi Protected Access) security protocol. This is because WPA 2 was not ready at the time Service Pack 2 was released, so such computer cannot identify correctly the security setting of a wireless router and cannot connect to it.

Actually there is a way to make systems identify the WPA2 wireless routers correctly, by installing a patch provided by Microsoft with Windows Update. Problem with that patch is that Microsoft decided not to include it in vital security fixes, so user will probably have to search much before locating the solution to his problem.
You can get this update by visiting this link and proceeding to validation, so Microsoft can make sure you are using a genuine Windows XP installation. After validation you can download KB893357 which is the actual update file. You can install it, restart the system and right after, Windows will recognize any WPA2 wireless router and will connect to it without further problems.
Attention is needed however for users with Windows that got different language, because they will need to install the update for the correct language version of Windows.


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    • profile image

      Sonika Gupta 5 years ago

      Thanks for solving major issue

      Here's direct link

    • profile image

      luke 5 years ago

      Hi CyberFreak,

      Thanks for answering first of all :-)

      I will try now formatting my laptop and reinstall everything (a nex version of windows). I just hope that my hard disk is not damaged... lets see. If not, considering that my computer is more than 6 years old, I will buy another... but i just don't want to encounter the same problems again!

      Regarding my friend the question is right, I will double check if they have Xp or Vista. One thing is sure: the computer is older than mine but it works!! Looks like a mockery...

    • CyberFreak profile image

      CyberFreak 5 years ago

      Hi Luke, thank you for reading my hub.

      It is unfortunate for you to encounter such problems with SP3, but especially early at its time, SP3 is common to cause such problems. Sometimes it is actually better to install Windows with SP3, than update with SP3 an existing installation. I am afraid that now, with your system behavior (windows not loading, etc) you will have to backup your files just in case and then try a repair of the operating system. If this doesn't seem to fix the issues, you will have to make a clean OS installation.

      Regarding your friend with SP1 who managed to connect to the Wi-Fi; sorry if it sounds funny, but are you sure that it is Windows XP and not Vista? If you are sure, then maybe he had already installed the hotfix or had taken other, similar measures to correct WPA2 connection issues.

    • profile image

      luke 5 years ago

      I have the same problem and in order to solve it I have downloaded the SP3 and installed it. Since that moment my pc became a lot instable and now I cannot even open Windows anymore! (only in the temporary version) What can I do?

      One question also: another person was able to connect to my Wi-fi with a computer with SP1, why? So the problem is only with SP2?


    • profile image

      Sitha 5 years ago

      Thank very much, this solve my weeks mystery. you are my hero!!!!