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Product Review - Best Mobile Application for Shopping on eBay - My IBidder Auction Sniper

Updated on April 11, 2015

I love eBay and like many others I love a great deal. But I value my time and black Friday sales are not my style. I refuse to spend my valuable time searching for a deal. But what if a deal or deals were readily made accessible to you in the palm of your hand? No desktop is needed, no special skill is needed other than a value judgement of what an item is worth. IF you value vintage and antique items, eBay is probably already your playground. And if you have been an active shopper on eBay, you know the game includes a strategy called "sniping". Sniping is a buying strategy where you come in and bid at the last possible moment. Automating this process with your mobile phone is now easy, free, fun and can even be profitable!

Auction Snipper

Rooftop Sniper
Rooftop Sniper | Source

Bid Like a Covert Rooftop Sniper

Snipers are to me the covert operative. They hide, they often perch themselves on a rooftop. They have the aerial view and can act undetected.

This is what this simple app called myibidder can do. It hides in the background and pounces when you schedule it - seconds before the end of the auction.

What Is Auction Sniping?

"Auction sniping is the practice, in a timed online auction, of placing a higher bid than the current highest public bid at the last possible moment (often seconds before the end of the auction), giving the other bidders no time to outbid the sniper. This can be done manually, or by software. The software can run on the bidder's computer or on an online sniping service accessible through a website. Use of an online service is said to decrease the failure rate of the snipe, because the website has more reliable servers and a faster Internet connection with a less variable delay in sending data (jitter), thus enabling the bid to be placed closer to the deadline, even arriving within the last second.

A bid sniper is a person, or software agent, which performs auction sniping."

mybidder Mobile Application for Snipping on eBay

My ibidder snipper for eBay logo in colorful yellow gold and black
My ibidder snipper for eBay logo in colorful yellow gold and black | Source

Fantastic Experience - Successful Bidder

Of all the items I have ever tried for software, I have never had such a wonderful experience as I have had with this application. It is straightforward and almost intuitive. I am always willing to try something new but more than often I am become the beta tester. I expect to be the beta tester and will often put up with and offer recommendations to get the program functional.

The Many Things That I Love About This Mobile Application

I love the convenience of being in the game but without any interruptions in my daily life. This morning, for instance, I won an obscure item for 1 cent! I had completely forgotten about it - didn't need it but took a gamble knowing full well the real retail value was $60. This was a brand new item and I had just purchased for $60, then won another piece for $20 total with shipping (using the IBbidder Auction Sniper application on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but of course!). So now for Christmas I have two fabulous products that I originally purchased for myself at $60 retail but I can readily afford to give these beautiful gifts to friends and family for an average cost of $15 each complete with shipping. The buy is better and more convenient than the black Friday madness sales!

What I Especially Love About This Tool - Mobile Application

The ability to simply add an item. This at first was not explained but a tiny bit of tinkering - remember I stated this is almost intuitive - I was able to figure it out on my own - no instructions needed!

Adding an item from your watch list is simple. Pull up the item, click the eBay tab/link for specifics, add the item number to your clipboard via a simple hold and copy and then open your IBidder Sniper and click add item and hold and press. Wow-la! Pesto - instantly you have added this item and you can activate a snipe bid.

No Photos - Description Sufficient

At first, I was lost, I admit it - I am photo dependent. For you see, the auction sniper will not display your item that you are snipping. Interestingly, this is not problematic. The description is always brought over for your review. Quickly I got used to this. Trust me, you will not miss the photos unless your are a professional sniper. For which, I imagine there will be a paid version for this service which will forever change the eBay experience.

One Tiny Refinement - Dollars Not Cents

This application needs no refinement. The only suggestion I could possibly make is the field for bidding starts with the assumption of pennies - except for my last winning sniped bid, rarely do I start with pennies - the world is essentially dollars.

Although, perhaps a better more sophisticated solution to my laziness might be to offer an account setting to dollars over cents. Perhaps I am the only one who starts with the dollars and never needs to the cents.

Rate This Mobile Application - ibidder sniper for eBay

5 stars for ibidder sniper for eBay

Rate This Application

Have you tried this application? If so, please rate this application to the right. If you have some comments, if you could also provide the device you use this application on - for me, it was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Have you ever attempted to snipe at auction?

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My ibidder for eBay Sniping

Video How To Snipe on eBay Shopping

Here is a great video that showcases you how to use this fantastic mobile tool.

Visual Guide of How Sniping at An Online Timed Auction Works

visual steps of progression of auction sniping
visual steps of progression of auction sniping | Source

Pro Version for $9.99

Since I have already won several snipes and have readily paid for this application five times over, my next step is to take my experience up a level and purchase the Pro Version for $9.99.

I haven't as yet tried the groups and I am an individual so I don't anticipate needing the groups but I love this application and cannot wait to give it a try. If you have experience with this, please share in the comments below. We want to hear how you use this professional sniping auction tool.

FREE App - Auction Sniper for eBay Purchasing

myibidder logo with clip art of a present
myibidder logo with clip art of a present

Where To Buy - Google Play Store

Surprisingly, I was not able to bring in a capsule from eBay or Amazon for this mobile application so I guess the way I purchased it using my mobile phone and using the Google Play Store is the only method to buy. This surprises me but if it changes - please keep us posted in the comments below and I will be happy to update.

When I added this app to my smartphone (Android), it was completely free. It has saved me time and countless hours of tracking. Once you set it up it is very simple. The fact that is on my mobile phone makes it even more convenient. If you shop on eBay, this application is a must!


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    • American_Choices profile image

      American_Choices 2 years ago from USA

      Great tip for stealth sniping! Thank you for sharing!

    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 2 years ago from United States

      This tool is fantastic for the busy professional or homemaker. If you use eBay on a regular basis, you must use the great timing saving tool! This allows you to not overspend. Tip - "unwatch " the item so your activity is stealth.

    • American_Choices profile image

      American_Choices 3 years ago from USA


      That is very helpful information. I always appreciate comparison shopping. I just checked my account and found it has saved me over $15, this is the difference between my high bid and the bid that I actually won the bid for. Awesome app - changing the way we purchase online. This takes purchasing to a new level.

    • profile image

      Alora 3 years ago

      Earlier i used jbidwatcher for 5 years, the app is good but never update with the latest technologies then i have instal the Segbay eBay Bid Sniper app, really worth to instal. Amazing app and always update with the latest features.

      You can download it for free from the given link.