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Product Review for PowerBeats In Ear Headphones by Dr. Dre and Monster

Updated on October 31, 2012
2 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of PowerBeats Headphones


In this product review Hub I will talk about Dr. Dre's PowerBeats headphones. I have personally purchased the headphones, and the photos are mine. I will talk about whether they are worth buying, how they work, and the quality.


If you are reading this then you probably know what Beats Headphones are. If you don't basically they are supposed to be top of the line headphones designed towards athletes, and anyone who wants a true genuine premium audio experience whenever listening to any music, movie, or audio through a headphone jack. With that being said, I purchased the PowerBeats headphones for a couple reason.

First off, I like the simplicity of them. They are small, not obnoxious like some of the Beats headphones I see on people heads, and I really liked the design.

Second, I liked the fact they are designed towards athletes, and I could use them at the gym, when working out, running, playing sports, or for everyday activities.

Third, the name is popular. Like anything else in our culture it is usually about the brands. As far as headphones go, everyone knows about the Beats with the signature B on the sides. So that was another push that was convincing me to buy the headphones.

So overall I initially was very into buying the headphones, and was looking forward to them. So I went out and bought a pair. I purchased the red pair, that you can see in the photo.


So when I got home and took the headphones out of the box, there were some things I noticed.

Plastic. This was one thing that kind of annoyed me. $149.99 and the headphones were made of the same plastic that I get on $5.00 headphones. While this was not a deal breaker for me, I was still a little upset about this. None the less I was excited to use the headphones.

As far as the wiring looks, and feels, it seems like very good quality. It seems like it is sturdy, and it comes with a free extension wire which really helps if you would like to put your MP3 player in your pocket while doing any activity.

Control Talk. Upon opening the package I noticed the control talk seemed pretty good initially. It seemed cool, and sturdy, and something that would come in handy when talking on the phone.

So there is the initial quality report I did when I opened the box, now let me talk about what I think about the headphones now.

True Performance.

Okay, So if you read above you may be saying "wow these sound like good headphones", now let me give you the reality.
AFTER doing the initial quality report I got to use the headphones. Initially they worked great, and really liked them, and was very happy with them. BUT.......

Literally on the second use, the control talk was already screwing up. When I say screwing up, I mean that without touching the control talk piece at all, the volume portion would automatically go up. I literally cannot wear the headphones anymore because even walk from one side of the room to the other whenever I move the control talk controls the volume and puts it up all the way. Even when I use it to put the volume back down, it goes RIGHT back up.

Another problem I have noticed. The headphones come apart as you can see in the photo below. I haven't decided if I should just trash the headphones, or glue the pieces so they stay together. None the less I am very disappointed. I got a new pair since the headphones were under warranty, and the new pair also had the headphones coming apart. I do not have the problem with the control talk anymore, but now the pieces come apart every time I use them.



So while the Headphones may seem nice, and have the name behind them, and the famous B, they are really not that great. I do not think they are worth $149.99. I think they are worth more like $49.99 at most. I have not tried other Beats Headphones, BUT I have seen lots of problems with those as well. A solution that I see works great other than Beats is the Monster Headphones "Jamz" Headphones. They work great, are made of all metal, and are high quality. Also you can get them cheaper than Beats headphones with great audio. I think they are great, and really like my pair. Overall I think Monster is a great audio company, but I don't know why they put their name on the Beats Headphones. None the less, PLEASE feel free to throw your opinion on the headphones down in the comments section, and let me know if you have a pair of Beats, or headphones that you like.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      I initially was a big fan of Beats because of the name, and quality that was supposed to exist, but was MORE than disappointed when I actually got a pair. Anyone who truly likes the quality of music, and not looking for a fashion statement, should buy something other than these.. I agree with the Bose, and I am actually in the process of purchasing a pair of Bose in ear headphones..

      Thanks for commenting :)

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      My hubby is in love with his music and sound system and has looked at the different Dr Dre headphones in HMV and just wasn't happy with the quality, considering the price. He ended up woth Bose and Senheisser (ok that's not spelt right) ones instead. voted up and interesting though, its nice to see an honest negative review