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Product review for Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software by Nuance

Updated on July 21, 2012


This hub is going to be a product review for the headset and software program voice to text, Dragon by Nuance. I recently wrote a hub about using voice to text software and how this can improve writing your hopes and save you a lot of time. The program that I use Dragon by Nuance, and I think this is a great program. In the Hub I will talk about the benefits and negatives of using this program and how much time it really does save you.

Product Review

So first I should talk about the pros. The first pro I would like to talk about is the fact that this software allows you to write significantly faster. The program allows you to write just as fast as you can speak, as opposed to having to write down your thoughts and lose some of your thoughts as you are trying to type them into the computer. The software itself will allow you also to develop your thoughts a lot better as you are speaking as opposed to writing.

Another pro I would like to talk about with the Dragon software is that you can control your entire computer. The program itself allows you to control Internet, documents, e-mail, writing, or iTunes, or any other program that you normally use the Dragon software will work with that. Once you get the hang of the Dragon software, it really does speed up your daily activities and allow you to write more thorough paragraphs and allow you to make use of your time much better than if you are writing by hand.

The next good thing I would like to talk with the Dragon software is the price. I have seen some programs that cost a good amount of money, but the Dragon software that I just picked up was fairly cheap. I paid $29, and this included the headset, the software, and everything you need to get started. I purchased this item originally on eBay, and it was brand-new in the box. This is a good price considering I have seen other software be extremely expensive and for what I use it for, primarily HubPages I do not need the most expensive software out there.

Now I should talk what the cons of this software. The only major con I see with this software is the fact that I have to correct a lot of things. From what I read in the directions and in the manual it says that once you use the program more, and it gets used your voice it will pick up your patterns and will not have to be corrected as often. I just open the software up recently and this is only my second hub that I have written using this software, but I still think that as of now there is still a lot of correcting and I have to thoroughly read everything I write.

With all that being said I still think the software is great. I only had one negative about the software and It was the fact that you had fix a lot of mistakes, but I still think the software itself greatly increases the amount of hubs that you can write and allows you to produce more quality hubs. When we are typing a hub, a lot of times we leave out some details in our head because we don't want type them or are rushing into the next paragraph, or thought in our head, before we lose it, but with the software this allows you to thoroughly put your thoughts from you head to the Word document or writing to the hub you are producing. Overall I think this software is great and I'm very happy that I purchased the software, and I can see myself writing a lot more hubs, and in a lot shorter time now that I have the software. Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment below, ask questions, or if you have voice recognition software please let me have your thoughts on the software as well. I think that overall this is a great idea and I really like what Dragon is doing with the voice recognition software, and hopefully it'll continue to improve, and I hope to see less mistakes and allow myself to write a lot more Hubswithout having to constantly recheck everything thank you


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Well in the beginning, the software does have some mistakes, but as you use it, by now it is working great and rarely makes mistakes because it has gotten used to my voice.

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      I liked your article. It might have been interesting to put an unedited/corrected paragraph after one you had corrected so we could see what you said and how Dragon interpreted it.

      Thanks for writing the review, it was helpful.

      Cheers, Sam