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Review of the Samsung S860, 8.1-mp Digital Camera with Optical Zoom

Updated on November 13, 2013

Como Zoo, St. Paul, Minnesota Sept. 2009

You look simply MAHH-velous, Dhahling!
You look simply MAHH-velous, Dhahling! | Source

My Overall Evaluation of the Samsung S860, 8.1-mp (megapixel) Digital Camera with 3X Optical Zoom and USB Port

5 stars for The Samsung S860 Digital Camera

A Sure Winner for Everyday Use!

I received my Samsung S860 as a gift after my camera had been stolen, and this is by far the best quality, easiest-to-use, multi-function camera I have ever owned. It's a sweet 8.1 mp (megapixel digital camera) that runs on two standard AA batteries (good when traveling abroad) and it takes standard SD cards (also readily available in most places). Seeing is believing: All of the photos on this page were taken by me with this camera at Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Demonstration of Optical Zoom Clarity


Optical Zoom, Anti-Shake, and Online Help

The optical zoom lets you take regular photos or zoom 3 times closer to the action, all with crystal clarity.

An anti-shake mode lets you take relatively good pictures from a moving vehicle or while walking.

There is even an online help system built right into the camera for times when you're just not sure what you're doing. I use this feature a lot!

Tripod Mount and 10-Second Countdown, Plus a Portrait Feature

Other features include a tripod mount (tripod not included) and a 10-second count-down feature for when you want to join your friends in a group picture.

Yet another interesting feature is designed just for portraits--it takes excellent portraits by aligning the facial features within the shot.

Auto Feature

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The Auto Feature and Videos (with Audio)

I take most pictures with the Auto feature, probably intended to be the idiot-proof feature because it works great for me.

This camera also takes surprisingly excellent audio-videos, as long as there is space available on the SD (digital) card, of course.

The camera automatically refocuses and adjusts to changing lighting conditions as your scene changes, such as if you are panning around a room full of people with a bright window on one end of the room and a dark corner on the other.

The S860's Audio-Video Capabilities at a Dog Obedience Trial

Connects to Computers via a USB Type 2 Cable

Probably my favorite feature of this camera, second only to taking great photos, is how easily the Samsung S860 connects to computers, MacBooks or PCs.

It comes with a USB cable (type 2) and you simply plug in both ends--one to the camera, one to the computer.

Turn on the S860, and select the option from the menu to connect to your computer.

A few seconds later, the S860 camera appears as another storage device on your computer, and you can add, copy, or delete files however you see fit.

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