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Professional Two Way Radio Headsets

Updated on January 25, 2018
Professional two way radio headsets can be used in a variety of ways, but the important thing is you can communicate while keeping your hands totally free.
Professional two way radio headsets can be used in a variety of ways, but the important thing is you can communicate while keeping your hands totally free. | Source

Professional Two Way Radio Headsets: Tactical Headsets & Communications Equipment

Radio technology has been improving ever since it was first developed, and we now have a lot of great options for how we communicate. If you need to be able to communicate quickly, effectively and clearly while keeping your hands free, you should consider a professional two way radio headset. These headsets are now small, effective and powerful, with long range and endless potential.

This article is all about professional two way radio headsets and their uses. Tactical headsets and communications equipment are very powerful, so we'll talk about the technology and what you can potentially use it for. We'll talk about how it's used and where you can buy them, and touch on price and availability.

Let's get started and learn more about professional two way radio headsets now!

Technology and How It Works: Professional Two Way Radio Headsets

Two way radio headsets are a recent innovation, and they are a result of ever increasing technology and the ability to miniaturize formerly bulky equipment. Most professional two way radio tactical headsets will include a long range, great clarity of communication and fantastic durability: these things are intended to be used.

Some of the technology of the two way radio with headset is truly baffling. We'll talk about some of that technology here.

Wireless: One of the most impressive things about two way radio headset technology is the fact that they are now completely wireless. Where once you would have been required to carry a bulky radio back with you, including the receiver, transmitter and battery supply, these will all now fit into a small belt pack radio. The miniaturization included is amazing.

Most two way radio headsets currently utilize bluetooth technology to allow the wireless capability. For wired units, they need to connect to a transmitter / receiver, usually held in a pack on the belt or in a small pack.

Portability: These wireless two way radio headsets also have the benefit of being portable. Due to their small size and powerful capabilities, you can lug them around very easily. The battery power will last for a long time and the weight of these units isn't ridiculous either. Some people may experience head or earache from extended use, but you can quickly become accustomed to it.

Range: The long range capabilities of professional two way radio headsets has increased dramatically in recent years. You can find units capable of a range of over 2 miles, depending on brand, price and quality. This creates a myriad of uses: agriculture, manufacturing, hunting and other tactical uses are just a few examples.

Hearing Protection: Tactical headsets and two way radio headsets usually come with some form of outside hearing protection too. This is extremely useful, especially if you're working in a dangerous setting where hearing damage is a possibility. (Military or manufacturing applications for example).

Price and Considerations: Professional Two Way Radio with Headset

Two way radio headsets are fantastic, but before you pull out the credit card it's worth looking at a few considerations. First, you will likely face a pretty high price point initially. While they are well worth the money, they are still quite expensive compared to bulkier or shorter ranged units. You can expect to pay anywhere from between $100 to $300 for a wired two way radio headset, or from $400 to $1000 for a bluetooth capable two way radio headset that is wire free.

Consider the convenience factor before writing them off: every time you have to pull out a handheld radio unit, you add extra time and fuss to a project. If you're hunting, for example, pulling out a handheld radio could spook whatever game you're after. A tactical headset with two way radio capability can allow easy communication without the extra movement.

Another thing to watch out for is the intended use. There are thousands of types of two way radio headsets out there, and you should pick something for your intended use. Do you plan to wear your headset in the rain frequently? Will you be in a noisy or dusty environment long term? Will you deal with a lot of outside noise, or require noise protection? There are options for all of these possibilities. Tactical headsets come in all shapes and sizes too!

Good Brands To Consider: Professional Two Way Radio Headsets

If you're interested in purchasing a two way radio headset or tactical headset for private use, there are a few brands you can consider. Peltor Communications (owned by 3M) produces a huge variety of two way radio headsets for commercial use, and you can see many models on their website. The Tactical Command Store has quite a few tactical headsets that are intended for military or hunting applications.

There are lots of great brands out there. I do recommend you stick with well known brands and read all the product reviews. Not every two way tactical radio headset out there is of good quality, and you don't want to sink money into a dud.

Good Luck!

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