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Professionalism and ETHICS in Information Technology

Updated on March 16, 2011


Ethics -This refers to the principles of right and wrong that can be used by individuas acting as free moral agent to make choices to guide their behaviour.

Information Technology and Information system poses unique problems for both individual and societies because they create opportunity for social change.

The ethical Dilema faced by information system manager is reflected in the social and political arena

The following technological trend are responsible for the rapid change in ethical issues.

  1. Double computing power -In every year has seen organization utilize information system heavily depend on IS thus is making their data and vunerable to system errors and poor data quality
  2. Advances in data storage technique and rapidly declining storage cost has seen large databases stored by individuals at a time this may violet their individual rights
  3. Advances in data mining techniques for large databases hieghtens the ethical concern
  4. Advances in telecommunications infrustructure reduce the cost of moving large data set and open the posibilities of mining data set remotely using small desktop machines

Moral Dimension of the Information Age

  1. Information right and obligation - This is the information rights that the organization have on their personal data
  2. Property right - How will the traditional property right be protected in a digital society where tracing and accounting for ownership is difficult
  3. Accountability and control - Who can and would be held accountable and liable for the harm done to individuals and correcting information and property right.
  4. System quality - What standard of data are system quality should be demanded to protect individual rights and safety of the society
  5. Quality right - What values should be preserved in an information and knowledge based society


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