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Making Cash From Unused Gadgets

Updated on September 26, 2015

Technology Keeps On Changing


Posting In Online Second Hand Buying And Selling Sites

There are sites which have noted the high value of the old and unused items.Latest researches have revealed that the cost of things which remain unused in many homes runs into Billions of dollars.The primary function of these websites is to match a willing buyer and a willing seller. One of the most popular such sites is OLX.In Olx, a seller posts the photos of the item he or she is planning to sell and the contacts through which a potential buyer can contact them through.Such other sites include craiglist, e-bay and Amazon.

e-bay is an online buying and selling site


Trading In

In trade in, you exchange the item which you want to dispose with another one.This may involve adding some few more dollars.Some companies do trade in some of their products and recycle the old gadgets. Recycling is a cheaper option for such companies.

Parts of a computer


Selling To People Who Repair Gadgets

There are specialists who repair electronic gadgets at a cost. They rely on some old gadgets to get spare parts.They buy old electronics from the willing sellers. Their prices however are very low.

Donating the Items To The Less Privileged People

It is also a profitable way of disposing an old because it is often said that a hand that gives is more blessed than that which receives. You can therefore give your old item to a friend, a relative or a library.


If you are in an institution which disposes high volumes of items, you can also think of recycling them item. Recycling adds value to an item which is considered to be waste and also has a positive environmental impact if the materials being disposed are electronics or non biodegradable polythene bags. There are also firms which buy very old items from the owners and manufacture new products from them.

Recycling Is Environmental Friendly


Swapping With Other Items

There are sites which bring together people with different needs. If one person needs a laptop and has a smart phone and there is another person who has a smart phone and needs a laptop, these sites bring together such people.Such sites include thredUP.


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