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Protect your iPad with a Waterproof Case

Updated on December 9, 2013

Waterproof your iPad with a Waterproof Case

Taking an iPad or other tablet near water is typically a heart stopper - especially when water gets splashed in its direction. You may ask "why would anyone put their expensive gadgets in harm's way like that"?

Well, sometimes it is necessary - either for work or self preservation. If the family wants to play you either stay at home, stay at the office or you go with them. If you just want to be with them but you are not excited to join in their desired activity - you can watch from a distance and your iPad or tablet will keep you occupied.

In these types of situations a simple solution is welcome. The OverBoard iPad Case is basically a sturdy plastic bag that seals securely from water, moisture, dirt, sand and insects. Even if your iPad was dropped into the water, the OverBoard Case would let it float - dry as a bone - until you could grab it. The OverBoard Case is rated to protect to a depth of 19 feet.

The sealing mechanism is the most important part of the OverBoard iPad Case. It seals via four sliding latches to ensure that water and other dangerous elements are kept outside away from your iPad.

When traveling on board a cruise ship the OverBoard Case would be perfect. It is lightweight and easy to pack into a carry-on bag for safe keeping until you need it. You would never look out of place while working or playing on your iPad with it inside of an OverBoard Case. You would probably be the envy of those that left their iPad at home from fear of getting it wet.

The beach is a fun place to be. It is nice to sit on a reclining beach chair under a large beach umbrella while working, playing games or surfing the net. Sand will typically get into every nook and cranny however, so protecting your iPad or tablet is important. If the kids come running up dripping from playing in the surf - again, it is important to protect your iPad or tablet.

The OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case is an answer to the dilemmas raised by the need to take your iPad or tablet into enemy territory. It has a simple yet very effective sliding sealing system, a clear front, a padded back, a hand hold strap on the back and an included shoulder strap.


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    • Leds profile image

      Leds 5 years ago from France

      very good idea Debbie..

    • marketingprof profile image

      marketingprof 6 years ago

      Brilliant idea Debbie!