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Protection of Information Systems―Panda Security and McAfee

Updated on August 24, 2017

Web technological breakthroughs are one of the areas that the current generation can pride itself. Indeed, the web has gained a lot of popularity, powered by the technological advancements. The internet has ushered in many opportunities. For instance, the products of web technologies such as the social media continue to play a crucial role in supporting the globalization process, creating the allowance for people to interact seamlessly and companies to share information with ease. Moreover, businesses are also exploiting the opportunities on the web through online marketing, retailing, and brand promotions. In essence, the web technologies are supporting social and economic process in different ways that the society would never have anticipated. However, the evolution and growth of popularity of web have been characterized by one inherent challenge — cyber crimes (In Defense of Data, 2013).

Companies engaged in system protection have also had to move with speed by coming up with system protection mechanism to prevent secure systems from forms of cyber crime such as identity theft, cyber bullying, spamming, hacking, and phishing. The statistics are particularly documented and reveal the issue is rampant and having far-reaching consequences on the society. According to Hazelden Foundation (2012), a one in ten web user is a victim of cyber crimes. Besides, companies in the US lose an average total of 525 million US dollars per year. Besides the economic challenges, cyber crimes can also result to social issues such psychological problems, depending on the nature of the offense (In Defense of Data, 2013). The purpose of this paper is to evaluate panda and McAfee security products to determine the product that is suitable for consumers.


McAfee is among the world's largest cyber security firms. The company specializes in creating security systems for consumers and businesses (McAfee, 2017). The invention of systems that are compatible with security systems made by other companies has been critical in helping businesses to orchestrate the cyber environments that are highly integrated by facilitating detection, correction, and protection from threats collaboratively and simultaneously, for the benefit of businesses. The key security packages include the total protection (39.99 per year) and lifesaver package (89.99).

Most of the features in the Total Protection package and the Lifesaver package are similar. Both packages can be used to secure both phone and computer systems from Spams, phishing activities, and viruses. Besides, it protects an unlimited number of attached devices, offers a personal firewall protection, enables device optimization, secure file storage, and password manager for up to five users. It is worth noting that secure clouding among other features set out the lifesaver package thus securing systems from hackers, spyware, and malware (McAfee, 2017).

Panda Security

The company specializes in offering consumer products and services with relevant technologies to prevent cyber crimes. The Panda Complete package offers Wi-Fi protection, virus protection (windows, Mac, and android), parental controls, backups and data protection, password manager, smart control and device turn-up (Panda, 2017). The cost for this package is 41.99 dollars (Panda, 2017). On the other hand, the Panda Advanced package guarantees services such as parental protection, Wi-Fi protection, backups and data protection and protection against viruses for Android, Windows, and Mac. The one-year license for this package is 27.99 dollars.

Based on the discussion, it is evident that panda security offers products and service at a lower price compared to McAfee Company. However, it is also worth noting that McAfee provides better system protection for both businesses and consumer use. The services are all round: ranging from protection against spyware, malware, phishing, spamming, cyber bullying and hacking among other cyber-related malpractices and can be used to protect businesses that handle many financial transactions and customers such as online business transactions, supermarkets and hospitals making them easy targets for cybercrime perpetrators.


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