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Pump up your profits using social networking!

Updated on March 22, 2014

The internet is a game changer. Marketing is being completely transformed. The days of traditional advertising are numbered. Every year newspapers and magazines close or move online. Last year the newspaper industry advertising revenues declined by 16.6%.Why? Because placing ads in newspapers is no longer as effective as it once was. Newspapers are closing as more people get their news and current event information from the internet.

Television commercials are slowly becoming less effective as more and more people spend time on the internet and less time watching television. No longer can we buy an ad on one channel and reach the number of viewers we once did.

The new way of marketing is not just a different set of rules; it’s an entirely different game. It is now possible to reach the entire world from your computer for the cost of Internet service. This game changer, the Internet, has created many different avenues for reaching customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, just to name four, are all amazing avenues to engage customers and make those valuable connections that lead to sales.

Social networks are places we go to interact with each other. We can now create our own community around our business and our services or products. No longer do we shout out sales messages that interrupt our customers as they watch television or read magazines. Now we are able to speak directly to customers and, most importantly, our customers are able to speak back to us. This new way of interacting holds great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Larger corporations do not dominate this game. Previously, a company with millions to spend would make the largest impact on customer attention. This is not always true in social media. Large corporations are hesitant to place themselves in social networks. They have not figured out yet how to use the social networks to their advantage but are slowly getting there by embracing online social media and employing teams specializing in their social media brand.

Small businesses are grabbing the ball and running with it in creative ways that bring attention to their products and services. Your business is perfectly poised to engage customers on

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When is the best time to promote your business using Social Media?



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