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Puppy Linux Operating System: What You Need to Know

Updated on June 1, 2015

Linux as a free open source operating system allows for several desktop and laptop distros for you to choose from. Reputed as the ninth best and perhaps the most user friendly distro, Puppy Linux operating system is a light weight Linux distribution with minimal memory footprint which is capable of from a RAM with current versions, taking up about 210 MB. Initially designed and developed by Barry Kauler with the help of many other developers in the community, Puppy Linux Operating System mostly focuses on the ease of use and simplicity of the operating system and this is the most important factor behind its immediate success. It is the ideal Linux distro for beginner’s training although it has all the features required for advanced developing.

Puppy Linux has some great features and although comparatively new, is a complete package. It comes with a bundle of applications and pre loaded software like AbiWod, Gnumeric, MPlayer and many more that covers almost all practical requirements of a regular user. Booting the distro is super easy and can be done using several methods and in whichever way one is comfortable with.

The Woof tool allows the user to build Puppy Linux distro from the binary packages of other Linux distributions. The ability to offer a regular persistently updating working environment on a write-once multisession CD/DVD which in simple words means that it does not require a rewritable CD/DVD is something unique and not found in any other distro at present except Puppy Linux operating system. Moreover, the fact that Puppy Linux does not automatically connect to the network or mount hard drives is extremely beneficial since this reduces the chances of a bug affecting the system.

The most useful and attractive feature of Puppy Linux operating system is perhaps its light weight and small size. This makes the distro most suitable for computing environments with low resource. Despite this, the continuous updating and developing has slowly transformed Puppy Linux as an ideal operating distro for users requiring high security easily customizable and a bloat-free operating system.

Overall the Puppy Linux operating system is one of the best and readily growing Linux distro that is designed solely to reduce the complexity of Linux. It’s easy to use nature coupled with its light weight and several useful and unique features has made it the most ideal Linux distro for beginners as well as advanced developers.


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