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PurseN Purse and Bag Organizer Insert Expands to Fit

Updated on March 13, 2011

Purse and bag organizers solve so many problems. They add space to put small and hard to find items. They protect electronic gadgets from scratches and crushing damage. They protect the inside of a bag by keeping it clean and unblemished. Switching from one bag to another is as simple as lifting the bag organizer out of one bag and inserting it into another. Purse organizers such as the PurseN works extremely hard to solve most of the problems we face even if our bags are of different sizes.

What Makes a Purse or Bag Work?

Of coarse it is impossible for any one bag to be all things to all people. Often there is a shortage of pockets. The pockets available are often too large or too small. The bag may be divided in half by a zippered pocket that is too fragile to protect a small computer and too deep to protect a digital camera. If there is a smaller zippered pocket on the back side of the bag it is often too narrow and anything stored there causes a bumped out area that offers little protection for LCD screens and looks tacky as well.

For arguments sake let us say that you have found your latest favorite bag. It has adequate space and the pockets seem to fit your gadgets quite well. Do you ever need to trade bags? Will you be stuck with it even after you decide to try a new one?


PurseN - Leopard
PurseN - Leopard
PurseN - Brown
PurseN - Brown
PurseN - Black
PurseN - Black

Why Would You Want to Switch Purses or Bags?

Maybe you are going out to dinner after work and you need to carry a dressier bag but there is no time to switch contents of one bag to another. Or if you plan to travel you may need a larger and more durable bag and your organization goes out the window. Will you avoid switching bags due to the hassle?

It is exciting to buy a new bag. Whether it’s a purse, a tote or a briefcase it is fun finding new and improved places to stow money, ink pens and all of the cool electronic gadgets needed to make daily life easier. However the excitement can easily turn to frustration as you realize that there is more stuff than room to put it.

PurseN Unique features

The PurseN purse organizer is soft sided so it conforms to the shape of the bag. The PurseN organizer has a zipper that allows it to expand in size if the next bag is larger and more space is needed. Several colors are available to suit your personal taste. Multiple matching accessories are available to further organize photos, makeup and glasses.

There are many purse and bag organizers on the market but the PurseN may be one of the most versatile one.


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