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Quantum Free Energy - Time to Tune In

Updated on April 23, 2014

Quantum Free Energy

Quantum free energy or zero-point vacuum energy is the energy that permeates the universe. Some scientists believe we can change the quantum field or empty space into usable energy. If these scientists are correct, a permanent supply of clean energy will be available to everyone for the price of a single quantum energy generator. The universe will take over from there. No more pollution and no more energy bills.

Think of the term "quantum" as simply meaning "smaller than an atom." There is wide disagreement in the scientific community about the possibility of using the quantum field to produce energy. Many still believe this concept violates the laws of physics. To give you an idea of the complexity of the arguments, consider this explanation from Wikipedia:

"One contribution to the vacuum energy may be from virtual particles which are thought to be particle pairs that blink into existence and then annihilate in a time span too short to observe. They are expected to do this everywhere, throughout the Universe."

The same Wikipedia article frames the argument in relation to quantum free energy:

"The existence of vacuum energy is also sometimes used as theoretical justification for the possibility of free-energy machines. It has been argued that due to the broken symmetry (in QED*), free energy does not violate conservation of energy, since the laws of thermodynamics only apply to equilibrium systems. However, consensus amongst physicists is that this is incorrect and that vacuum energy cannot be harnessed to generate free energy."

* Quantum electrodynamics

German Scientist and His Free Energy Machine

Consensus among physicists does not mean their side of the argument is correct. Some scientists and engineers believe so strongly in the possibility of free-energy machines, they are building them, demonstrating them and freely sharing their work. Professor Claus Turtur is not afraid to go against the consensus. He has designed a free-energy machine of his own. He believes the same principles at work in his simple machine can be used to build larger machines which could change the way the world generates power.

I like the video demonstration with Professor Turtor because he is modest and unassuming and does not seem to be seeking personal gain. He explains the machine in simple terms and modestly talks about the way it could change the world. The professor estimates that it will take 3-4 years to build a prototype capable of generating the energy to replace existing sources.

American Engineer and His Free Energy Machine

James Robitaille is an electrical engineer here in my own state of Pennsylvania who is working on another quantum energy generator (QEG). He explains that the design of his motor reverses the conventions used to build standard electric motors. The QEG uses high voltage/low current to create a HUGE surplus of energy. A portion of the surplus energy is fed back to self-power the motor, while the excess is collected in capacitors and converted into house current.

The process he describes is called over-unity or more input than output. Like Professor Turtor, Robitaille's ideas are not yet widely accepted in the scientific community. He admits that schools teach that over-unity is impossible. He reminds us that the laws of physics also tell us that perpetual motion is impossible, yet the earth itself rotates. He insists that over-unity is possible and his machine will prove it. If you watched the video with Professor Turtor, he talked about obtaining 5000% output from 100% input.

Mr. Robitaille is confident he can bring this technology to the people of the world. He says he has an investor who will fund large-scale manufacturing of the QEG once he has a working prototype. The QEG gets its input from the quantum field. According to Mr. Robitaille, the quantum field is estimated to have some 200 Megawatts of power available in every cubic foot of space.

I will continue to follow the progress of the QEG as well as other free energy machines that come to my attention. It's a fascinating topic and this article only scratches the surface of what is going on around the world.

Unlimited Free Energy

It is hard for most of us to grasp the idea that empty space can be converted into energy. However, standard quantum mechanics says that "quantum fluctuations" form a jiggling field of energy in so-called "empty space." The scientific debate is over whether this field of energy can be harnessed by technological devices to produce more energy.

The theory and the technology have been proven with simple devices like the one Professor Turtur made in his laboratory and demonstrated in the video. But the professor thinks it will be years before he can make a machine that generates enough energy to supply all the power for your home. He clearly believes his machine proves the concept and demonstrates the potential of the technology.

Will we ever have unlimited free energy? The answer depends on how the people of the world respond to the idea and to the news as it comes out. Wilbur and Orville Wright had to fly their plane before the people of the world could accept the idea of flying machines. This advance will be no different.

Men like Robitaille are willing to give away the plans and and the technology. His feeling is that free energy is a gift the universe has given us. His role and the role of other dedicated scientists will be to show us how to use it. The reaction of the world will determine what happens next.

I hope the we are paying attention. Changing the way we get our energy from multi-billion dollar industries to small machines that cost nothing to operate does not happen quickly or quietly. This could be the very definition of a game-changer. I hope quantum free energy works the way many think it will, and I hope the world is ready to embrace it. After paying my heating bills this winter in Pennsylvania I know I am..


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