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Quick Computer Tips

Updated on May 29, 2013

Always back up (save) documents and files on an external memory device (like a large 32 Giga Byte (GB) USB pendrive).

Reinstall your Operating System every year or so, to clean up any settings and softwares that you do not use any more.

Run CCleaner, or other harddrive cleaning software, at least every month or so.

Defragment your harddrive every month or so. This will somewhat speed up your computer.

Check, and update your drivers every 6 months or so. Having up to date drivers speeds up your computer.

If you have a laptop, or netbook, buy bigger capacity RAMs. They are really easy to install into your laptop. Just make sure that you buy the proper version, (DDR1, DDR2, or DDR3). This will also speed up your computer.

Check what programs run automatically when you turn on your computer. Delete any unwanted programs from the automatically running list. This will speed up your booting speed (time it takes for your operating system to load completely). However, if you don’t know what a program is do not delete it, so that your operating system runs smoothly.

Avoid using pirated operating systems, softwares. Even if you have all the required codes, keys, etc. the software developer could catch you any time.

If you accidentally deleted a file with SHIFT+DELETE, you can retrieve it by a data recovery software. “Panda Recovery” is highly recommended; its free. Downdload it at

Always keep your antivirus-, antispyware softwares up to date.

Make sure that your Internet Firewall is set up.

Useful Resourses on Optimising your Computer


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