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Quiz Galaxy

Updated on October 22, 2011

HAS it ever happened that you want to browse the Internet, but simply cannot think of what to do? You're done checking your email there is nothing new on your social networking websites and none of your friends are available on the instant messenger.

For such times, Quiz Galaxy is one website which comes in handy as something which takes your mind off whatever is bothering and enables you to indulge in a leisurely activity.

Yes! The reference here is to the vast collection of online personality quizzes that one can never get tired of. One may be inclined to believe that the results are generated at random, and may not conform to the answers of those five or six questions that were asked in the quiz. However, even if one does not believe the results, the fact remains that these quizzes are a nice way to kill time; the generated results can also be used for introspection.

Quiz Galaxy plays upon this very instinct of the online community - to assess its members' personalities and their various dimensions - and presents quite a large collection of varied quizzes. Some are quite serious in tone such as ‘what is important in your life' or ‘what language should you learn'. Some are hilarious such as ‘how will you be defined in the dictionary' and ‘how much of a conspiracy nut are you'. There are some extremely silly-sounding quizzes as well such as ‘what out-of-date phrases are you most likely to say' and ‘why do people run from you'.

As you must have probably guessed by now, these quizzes totally suit the purpose when you are bored online and cannot think of anything constructive to do. At Quiz Galaxy, you simply need to answer a few multiple choice questions. Yes, they are all multiple choice. There is no need to write anything, you just have to select whichever option suits you best. Once you are done and the results are displayed, you can laugh hoarse at them, cry out in surprise or scream with irritation.

These quizzes are definitely popular with the online community. In almost every quiz there are links to share the results on your social networking websites. Simply, click the mouse and your results will be displayed promptly on Facebook or Xanga or My Space - whichever network you are a part of. This motivates others to join in and do the same quiz to discover what results they get. And the cycle goes on.

Quiz Galaxy features a large number of quizzes but one shortcoming is that these quizzes aren't categorised. You will have to go through a long list to dig out the ones which appeal to you and whose result you would like to see. The main page however, classifies certain quizzes into "Most Popular," "Newest Quizzes" and "Featured Quiz." But to find the desired quiz, you will have to go through the entire list.

Another shortcoming is that the website doesn't have the option which enables the visitor to make his/her own quiz. There is an external link to another website for the same, so you have to go a different place altogether if you want to exercise your creativity in making quizzes and their various results.

However, if solving the quiz is all that you want, then what are you waiting for? Log onto quiz galaxy and enter into the quiz world. You may end up finding out something about yourself which you never knew.


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      Creativity Quiz Whiz 9 years ago

      Some nice quizes!