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R4DS vs. M3DS Simply with Wood and R4 firmware download links

Updated on July 8, 2012

Which one should I buy?

The M3DS Simply and the R4DS have a lot in common. But each one has benefits or disadvantages to each other. (lets go shall)

SDHC capabilities

The real R4DS cards (which is what you want) only suppord MicroSD cards, not MicroSDHC. Which means, the R4DS can only support up to a 2 GB MicroSD card. The M3DS Simply can support MicroSDHC cards, which means more room for music, videos, and games. (Or in my case, homebrew apps)

Firmware updates

The R4DS team quit updating their firmware way back in 2008. However, they still have frequent updates on the R4 Wood firmware, which works perfectly on the R4DS. The M3DS Simply does not have any updated firmware at all. In fact, when I was on the website looking for recent firmware updates, there was only one page that said:

You have 2 choices with firmware…M3real firmware, or M3 sakura. Try them both, see which one you like the most!

And below had the M3real firmware download button and the M3 sakura firmware download button... And the links are DEAD. There is no download. Where does one get M3DS firmware?

Genuine card

My R4DS happens to be a FAKE... Yes, the possibility of getting a real R4DS is 5%. (Pretty much impossible to get a real one... R.I.P R4DS) 1% of getting a fake M3DS Simply!


For some reason, when I was choosing between the M3DS Simply and the R4DS, I chose the R4DS. I think it might have been the fact that there was recently updated WOOD firmware... Or maybe because it looked nicer? Either way, the M3DS Simply is a better choice for most people. If you like, however, to take risks and don't care about the limit of space, then you should choose the R4DS. Thanks for reading; download links are below.

Download links:

For the R4DS firmware, click here. (For WoodR4, click here *April 20, 2012*)

For M3DS Real firmware.. I don't have it. If you find the M3DS firmware somewhere, tell me please.


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      newfyworld 5 years ago from out in the Boonies


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      Luis E Gonzalez 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Nice review. Hubs like this one tend to do well on our site.