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RPG Maker VX Ace Shop Tutorial

Updated on June 19, 2014


This tutorial will be focused on creating shops. To do this we are going to use event creations, luckily we have basic event commands that we can use; these commands have done all the heavy lifting for us. Everything we do in this tutorial will be under "Contents" or "Graphics" anything else we will not be touching on at the time. I've added an example photo to show what we will be looking at.

Taken with screenshot from my computer.
Taken with screenshot from my computer. | Source


Hello everyone! In the last tutorial, RPG Maker VX Ace Map Tutorial, I went over creating houses, a basic map, and entering different zones. Now that we know how to create all these buildings, we need to give them a purpose! So this tutorial will start out with shops and how to buy from them.

Lets get started

Click on the name of your building on the left hand side where your maps are named. This building should be the one you intend to create a shop in. My building is named, "Armory" for easy reference.

  • Click Armory
  • Make sure you are in Event mode, if not click it now, or press F6 on your keyboard.
  • Choose a spot for your shopkeeper to be standing at (Usually best behind a counter of some sort.)
  • Double click that spot, or right click and choose new event.
  • Double click under contents, or right click and choose insert.
  • Choose Show Text

Type in what you want your Shopkeeper to say when they interact with the player. I chose a simple line, "Would you like to buy?" but feel free to write in anything you want. **Note** When typing make sure your text does not pass the second arrow (see above picture), otherwise the words will be cut off. Click preview to check before continuing. Once finished press ok.

Now double click under contents again in the empty space below our text. When the window pops up go to the third tab and look under scene control, choose Shop Processing. A new window will appear, it will be mostly blank. One side will be labeled Goods the other labeled Price, go ahead and double click on the blank area under the labels. Another new window will appear. This time it lists several options.

Do you prefer separate shops for items & armor, or one shop to sell everything?

See results

Since the shop I am working on is an armory I am going to click the 'Armor' bubble. Now I can choose different armors in the drop down menu.

  • To start leave it on the first option, Casual Clothes.

Now we can either leave it as is and press ok, meaning the game chooses the price, or we can click 'Specify' and create our own price. I am going to choose my own price.

  • Click Specify, than choose an amount, I went with 25, than press ok.
  • Now double click under Casual Clothes to repeat the process, but with a different armor each time.
  • I went ahead and created 4 armor pieces: Casual Clothes (25g), Hard Leather(350g), Leather Mail(150g), and Chain Mail(250g). Once you are done press ok.

Alright, now let's add more text! After we finish our shopping the shopkeeper usually says something, I am going to add, "Thank you, come again!" but feel free to choose whatever you want, or skip this step.

  • Double click under contents.
  • Go to tab 1
  • Show text and write in your farewell, don't forget to preview! Then press ok when everything looks good.

Alright now that we have finished the event we need to add a graphic for our shop keeper. Look to your left hand side, see where it says, "Graphic" with a blue checkered box? Double click that.

  • A list will pop up with various graphics.
  • I went to People1 and grabbed the girl with an appron
  • Feel free to explore all the graphics and choose whoever you want.

Once you have finished press ok, also make sure to hit apply on the bottom right hand side, and press ok once again.

At this point it is a good time to play test your game and make sure everything is working properly, either press F12 on your keyboard, or choose the green arrow on the right hand side to do this. Your game should pop up after a few seconds.

  • Hit enter on New Game
  • Use the arrow keys to move around, and go into your town.
  • Go into your new shop we just made.
  • Walk up to the shop keeper and hit enter.
  • Your text should appear, hit enter again to view their items, or hit Esc to cancel.
  • Press Enter on the buy option.

You should see the items we just added to the shop. As of right now we do not have any gold or money to buy anything, but at least we can see that it is working properly, go ahead and hit Esc to exit the item menu.

  • Key over to cancel and hit enter
  • Last text should appear, for me it is, "Thank you, come again!"
  • Hit enter once more.

I have added an example video below to show you what you should see and should be looking at.

That's it! If you went through the process and didn't run into any problems than your shop is up and running perfectly. Next tutorial will be about creating and starting Quests.


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