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Raspberry Pi Computers

Updated on February 22, 2013
Rasberry Pi Board PC
Rasberry Pi Board PC | Source

Rasberry Pi

Rasberry Pi device is a small board pc invented by university students as a social initiative to offer ICT to schools kids. It amply provides for school IT Learning needs and on top of that it has been more famous among electronics geeks who wants to configure their personal computer. Among software engineers also, it is gaining big popularity as programmers can modify the operating system as well as the software that the Rasberry Pi would run.

The Rasberry Pi computer is powerful enough to play high definition videos and do other office computer tasks. Ancient legacy games players can now enjoy Atari 2600 games on the Rasberry Pi device. Software like internet browsers etc execute fluidly another reason why Rasberry Pi is so sought these days.

Arm based processors empower the Rasberry pi pc. Rasberry Pi is originally designed to be light and affordable. It seems this is the ultimate aim of the project the founders of the Rasberry pi organisation had when they started it. We don't foresee another model for soon as the current model is attaining all of its requirements yet.

1 of the 2 Rasberry pi models has 128mb of memory. Very little difference besides RAM and lan config. There are several connectors for connecting the Rasberry pi to other peripeherals. Traditionally it's display is to be on a computer screen.

The retail price of Rasberry pi computer is in the range of $25 to $35 depends over the configuration you would chose. It is very much affordable to everyone. the Rasberry pi units orders are over booked and the raspbery pi foundation has been having difficulty to meet all orders. However, lately there has been an improvement and sales orders are now being handled without uch delay. The promoters of Rasberry pi was taken by surprise with orders flooding from everywhere. Google recently donated 15000 Rasberry pi units to uk educational institutions as part of their social involvement.


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