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Real-Life Internet Smileys

Updated on July 10, 2009


Everyone that has instant messaged on AIM, MSN, Gmail, or Facebook has seen the common face expressions made for the laughs, like the infamous smiley :) or the naughty wink ;).

The following guide was made to poke fun of those people that use these smileys, and to show what those smileys would look like in real life.

Enjoy this guide!


The original smiley, the smiley face. You use this whenever something makes you smile, whenever you are happy with something, or when you are trying to be nice and comfoting to the person you are speaking with.


The big smile. This smile is a big smile, you use this when you are extermely happy and you want to show that you are.


The wink. The wink is just your plain old wink. You use it to show that you are only kidding or to be sensual.


The sad face. The sad face is obviously used to show that you are sad, nothing more, nothing less.


The anime smile. The anime smile is often seen in anime cartoons, it resembles someone being nice, calm, and loving. This is very popular on gaming and anime forums, especially amongst females.


The shocked look. The shocked look is used whenever you are shocked, at something that the person you are speaking with has said, or after a sentence that you expect the person to be shocked by. This isn't a very popluar smiley because the eyes are reversed. This shock is used when something is said that makes one of the people sad or mad.


The jaw-drop face. Use this face whenever you are in utter shock, not sad, but shocked and suprised.


If I am missing any other smileys please let me know about them so I could add them and credit you with them. Thanks, and enjoy!

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    • profile image

      anabraviela 7 years ago


    • profile image

      alx 8 years ago

      I'd like to see someone try to do :$


    • profile image

      Zei elderest, 8 years ago

      You are missing, @_@ confused smiley,

      :V smirking, or big laugh smiley,

      :S uncomfortable smiley"

      (-_-) < emo smiley

      O_o surprised look smiley.

    • profile image

      xGhostz 8 years ago

      all you commenters are fucking faggots, go kill yourself you worthless pieces of shit.

      good blog glare.

    • profile image

      Piece of shit 8 years ago

      James Neri was here

    • profile image

      tits 8 years ago

      what a nigger guide