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How to reap the best benefits out of social media

Updated on March 26, 2015

Social Media

In the contemporary age, life is something most people can eat with a big spoon, goes the adage say. Though this statement seems scary and somehow fallacious, is true after all. Even with the biting economic meltdown, there are cases that we can say that there are massive gains that can be drawn from living today.

Pessimists would look at various occurrences where many societies have backtracked with family disintegration. But optimists would say that this beast has made life even simpler than it used to be before. Worrying about the beast? Yes! This is social media. Welcome to the epoch of, twitter, Instangram, MySpace and Whatsapp among others.

Over less than two decades, the world has changed and certain transformations have been inevitable. The emergence of web 2.0 has revolutionized every department in the world. Because of the social media, critics have come up various stories based on the results. But looking at it from this perspective; to what extent has the social media been rough ion the human social life?

Addictive part of it

Social media is so addictive that many people invest most of their times just sending messages to their peers. They do this quite often. Many work places as a result have crafted internal rules that guard the social conduct of the employees by restricting access to social media sites.

That implies that if you are a husband and you want to send a brief note to your wife during working hours, then that is not advisable. That is social media. Absorbing all the time someone has making him or her social slave and a robot whose job is dedicated for saying endless “hallos”.

Social or family integration

Despite that interaction having been bridged and communication simplified, still there have been things to worry about. It is a trend that seems to may have gone with family bonding. Families rarely engage in round table talks. Fewer mothers or fathers can be said to be able to find time and mentor their children. The main reason here is that the young ones may be finding it easier to engage in phone chats rather than talk to their parents.

On the flip side, the social media can be our societal blessing. There are quite many ways people can gain from the storm of social media. Even looking at the status as it is, almost every section of the society has changed.But the questions involved here are: how can one change the negative results like addiction to money making scheme when using the social media? What are the best approaches of using social media positively?

Making money out of it

There is nothing as sweet as ‘online money’. This is something you earn but to you, it appears like a joke but it is worth your time. There are various avenues of making money online. First, by choice or by virtue of being a writer who is proficient in handling academic tasks, you can venture into freelance writing. Such can entail academic writing, copy writing, blog posting and web writing. Let’s just say that the turning point for getting the best result is making a name first. An impressive portfolio appeals to many people. By having good ratings as a freelance writer, you can be able to convince various clients about your worth.

Using your social media platforms, you can make use of the available networks and source for more assignments, setting a good image on the field of freelance writing. Lately, there have been organizations recruiting social media managers. This is a position that appears like PR but not true. Social media managers are adept frequent users of social media sites who are well acquainted with the nature of all the famous sites. Surprisingly, this is where many darlings of the social media can serve best.

Creating networks that suits job seeking

The social media has made job seeking simpler yet very cumbersome. The irony that presents itself here is that many applicants now have array of choices to make, but landing a consideration is subject to vigorous scrutiny. Reason? Yes thousands and thousands are applying. But as a job seeker, utilizing the networks created from engagements of social media can help in many ways.

You can get a recommendation from a convincing person, hence landing you a job. Or, one can always reach out to those who are resourceful information about vacancies. Those people may include PR officers for various organizations who have first hand information about their advertised or yet to be advertised vacancies.

Marketing goods and service

Social media is very beneficial in promoting services and goods. The message that is formulated in social media is like a spear. They traverse many borders and reach people globally. If you have an idea next time, never fail to use your page effectively. This pays impressive dividends.


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