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Reasons to use Mozilla Firefox

Updated on July 19, 2011

Searching at the speed of Firefox.

When choosing a web browser people tend to be creatures of habit. They go with what is easy, what their computers came with, or simply the one that they have heard of. Which is probably internet explorer, which is one of the most common (not best) web browser. Let me introduce to you a better web browser.

Introductions are in order.

“Mr./Ms. Web browser meet Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is a single bachelor of seven years old (first release date Nov. 2004). Firefox enjoys moon lit walks on the beach, browsing the internet WAY faster then standard web browsers and is not too insensitive to cry at a sappy movie. “

Firefox is customizable

Mozilla Firefox is by far the fastest, safest and easiest to use web browser available on the net today. There are literally thousands of free downloads Firefox enables you to easily download. So how much does this wonderful program cost? That’s the best part its free.What makes Mozilla Firefox the fastest web browser? For one the rendering engine, which is the browsers main code that translates HTML into viewable webpage’s is designed to be much faster then standard web browsers. Firefox’s interface is also completely customizable, which allows for you to personalize your interface to your specific standards. Making it easier for you to find the buttons you need, or access the addons you need to use. Also firefox offers literally thousands of free downloads, that don’t just alter the interfaces look but that also add gadgets and gizmos to your web browser that can change the way you view web browsers.

My personal selection of addons that I use.

Anti downloader or player: Allows for you to download movies from youtube or other streaming sites.

Stumbleupon: Click the stumble button to instantly switch websites to an interesting subject. Great for writers block or as a release from boredom. You can also put site onto stumbleupon if you find them interesting

Firefox is safe!

What makes Firefox the safest web browser? Again Firefox’s many features helps protect you from the negative side of the internet IE viruses, harmful websites, etc. If you go to the addon feature and search for security or anti-virus protection you will have many different options at your fingertips to protecting yourself. Addons that show the countries origin of the website, a colored bar that shows the encryption level of a website or extra virus scanning software. But the free downloads Firefox provides aside, Firefox has several built in features such as integrated anti-virus software, anti-phishing software, ability to easily clear recent search history and an automatic update system for both Firefox and your many addons.

Firefox is Easy to use.

The ease of use in Mozilla Firefox. Again back to Firefox’s many features (are you getting to see a pattern here?) . Firefox has features like password manager which allows you to save your username and passwords to websites and thus not always having to reenter them (very handy if your are filling out online job applications or constantly signing up for new memberships with sites) Another feature is complete form, which saves information from online forms IE instead of having to enter your street address of “Middle of Freaking Nowhere Avenue, Ca…” the complete form would automatically fill in the desired information. A built in spell checker, download manager, automatically imports your booksmarks and homepage, and the zoom ability for those having trouble reading this line.

Bottom Line(s)

So bottom line with Mozilla Firefox’s has many different features that make internet viewing and new and easy experience. The many free addons that it also provides further enable you to enjoy a customizable web browsing experience. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

-This article was written by someone who uses and highly recommends Firefox.


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    • Seth Winter profile image

      Seth Winter 5 years ago from Shingletown, California

      Actually right after I wrote this article I switched over to google chrome. It seems like its a better webbrowser. Faster. The addons are updated more. Easier to use.

    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Nice hub!

      Hmm... I seriously don't think that Firefox is the fastest web browser. It was the fastest browser but then, it started adding more and more functions and somehow clogged the browser; making it not as fast as before.

      Chrome is as good as it is at the moment. I believe it is faster than Firefox although compatibilty wise, Firefox is better. However, I do believe that Chrome will soon become just another web browser when it starts to add more functions.

    • Seth Winter profile image

      Seth Winter 6 years ago from Shingletown, California

      Its a good program. I hear Google Chrome is good too but I don't have much experience with it.

    • susannah42 profile image

      susannah42 6 years ago from Florida

      I have used firefox and am thinking about switching to it.

    • Seth Winter profile image

      Seth Winter 6 years ago from Shingletown, California

      Thanks for the tip I will have to try SEO Quake and Alexa toolbar. ;-)

    • AllieRambles profile image

      AllieRambles 6 years ago from Bay Area, California

      I switched to FireFox when I became a blogger. It is faster and most bloggers I know use it.

      I love the auto spell check, it comes in handy when I comment, then I never look like a goof, lol.

      For bloggers, I would suggest the Alexa toolbar to see how you and other blogs rank. And to read the latest hot trends online.

      I also love SEO Quake. It displays the PageRank of a site along with other vital info for Search Engine Optimization.

      I love the way Firefox keeps your bookmarks. I can have them in a drop down menu or directly on my toolbar for quick access.

      Nice hubs. I'm heading off to read the health benefits of chocolate. You don't need to convince me to have chocolate. :-)