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Reasons why adding your ex/exes to your facebook is a bad/horrible idea- How it can go wrong

Updated on May 28, 2012

If you are not over him/her:

  • You will check their profile constantly to see how they are and what they are doing.
  • You will hope to hear from them again, to talk to them and to get them back somehow.
  • You may start commenting on or liking every status update he/she posts and it may annoy him/her. At least it will clearly show him/her that you're not over him/her.
  • He/she may seem really happy, while you are so crushed and upset over the break-up. This may upset you further.
  • He/she may already be dating somebody else, and it may be torture for you to watch their interactions and photos.
  • If the break up was bitter and you're still not good friends who talk regularly, there will be a certain amount of awkwardness involved for both sides.

If he/she is not over you:

  • They may constantly like or comment on your status, and try to chat or talk to you. It will feel like nagging.
  • Remember good old drunk dials? Well, she may end up sputtering angry words on your wall in one of those moments.
  • Contact will give them hope. They will think they still have a chance with you.
  • If you're dating someone new, they may try to bring down the guy/girl, or point out his/her flaws, or in worst cases, straight out fight with him/her.
  • He/she may take you down the memory lane again and again, with chats that start with "Remember when we [insert memory here]?"
  • "Friending" your ex may cause misunderstandings in your current relationship.
  • If you see him/her being really upset, you may feel guilty for leaving them.

General problems:

  • Talking may reignite your feelings for them and take you back to the good old days.
  • Now that he/she is your ex, many topics will be off-limits now, so you'll constantly have to think before you speak.
  • Facebook is a social network. Other people may be watching your "tension" while munching on pop-corn.

Bottom-line: Let enough time pass by, make sure you both move on, and are friendly and cordial. Think hard before adding them.


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