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Recent Updates to the DISH Hopper include a Movie Rating App and Communication between Hoppers

Updated on October 22, 2012

On July 2, 2012, DISH released news of its later Hopper and Joey updates. They include a convenient movie review app, good news for customers with more than one Hopper, and an informative on-screen progress bar for Hopper setup. [Rotten Tomatoes image]

Rotten Tomatoes app added to the Hopper

If you’re a movie watcher who values a good review, DISH’s new addition of Rotten Tomatoes to the Hopper will likely be a welcome one. Rotten Tomatoes is a popular movie review service featuring opinions from top movie critics and ratings from reviewers and regular movie viewers. If you’re not sure what to watch, Rotten Tomatoes can give you a good idea of what to expect from any On Demand movie option. To check out this newly included app, make sure your Hopper is connected to the Internet. Then, go to the info screen of the On Demand menu. When you. When you select a movie, you’ll see numeric ratings and commentary, plus the option to check out rating info, rent the movie, or select a different one.

New DISH update allows two Hoppers to communicate

For those of you who have two DISH Hoppers on a single account, a second new feature is likely one you’ve been waiting for: communication between Hoppers. Until July 2, each Hopper was only able to communicate with its own Joeys. Now, if you have 2 Hoppers, they can connect to the same duo node, which means they can share functionality including recordings. So, if you’re on a Joey-connected TV and you want to watch a recording from a second Hopper that it’s not connected to, that’s not a problem. You can simply use the remote to toggle to the other Hopper and access its recordings.

Whole-home HD-DVR can now connect over a single Internet connection

Speaking of Hopper connectivity, another newly released update, Hopper Bridging Support, allows an entire whole-home HD-DVR system to run on a single wireless or Ethernet connection. This means that you can now hook up one Hopper to the Internet and run all of your other receivers, including another Hopper, off the same connection.

A couple of other small updates have been made to the Hopper and Joey

· An Electronic Program Guide (EPG) download icon with a progress bar that appears upon initial Hopper set up to allow DISH customers to view download status

· The Pandora app can now be accessed on the Joeys

· When PrimeTime Anytime is switched off, clicking the PTAT thumbnail will take users to the Settings screen to allow them to enable it.

· The On Demand filter screen has been expanded for a better user experience

Which of the three major updates are you most excited about

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