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Recently Introduced Innovative Gadgets

Updated on January 3, 2021
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Ankita loves to explore various aspects of science and is passionate about writing on topics of her interest.

Innovative ideas have no bounds. One creative step in the making of a gadget, and it can make our lives easier and enjoyable. Recent inventions have seen a lot more advancements in technology which can not only make our lives easier but also is a lot more fun to learn about. Here are some of the recent amazing innovations that everyone should know.

The new Zen Heater: Heaters have always been known to give pricey bills. It would have been easier if one can enjoy the warmness in winters for just a few pennies. The new Zen Heater is just the right gadget for this. It is equipped with the latest technology such as an auto shut off feature, adjustable thermostat, digital temperature display, etc. The added advantage is that it directly plugs right into the wall with no wires.

The fixer Bondic: This pen-sized device has the ability to easily fix broken items. Be it broken spectacles, dishes, or anything, it can fix them easily with the help of a unique liquid-applied over it and shining the special UV light on it. This does not take hours but only 4 seconds and we get our dear things fixed and fine. Isn’t it amazing?

ClipperPro: Who would have thought cutting nails can even be made easier? Yes, it is now possible due to the new ClipperPro which has some of the very good features. It has surgical grade steel, an ergonomic handle, and swivel blades to make the task of nail clipping a lot easier. After decades of using the same nail clipper, this new gadget will be a lot more fun to use. Also, it is really easy to use and it only requires a super-light touch.

BarxBuddy: We may not have ever thought this innovative gadget will be created. The continuous barking of dogs when someone rings the doorbell can now be reduced. BarxBuddy is safe, for both dogs and humans. This sleek device, when pointed to dogs, emits ultrasonic waves only heard by them. The LED light fixed there will direct a dog to stop barking in the middle of any unwanted conduct. This device will be useful in the initial stages of training or to reduce the fear of dogs in children.

InfinitiKloud: People nowadays keep loads of information on their computers. And we always have that inner fear of our computer not working due to sudden glitches. Time and again we think of backing up our data but it is cumbersome to even think about it. For these problems a new gadget, InfinitiKloud is introduced which can backup our huge data in just minutes. This device needs to be inserted into our computer and when we press the start button, it does its work of backing up data automatically.

Peeps: The traditional lens cleaning products need not be used anymore! The fingerprints, dust, oils in our glasses now can easily be cleaned with Peeps. This pocket-sized gadget has a scratch-resistant brush and also carbon fiber pads that remove dirt without splotching it. Now we can have flawlessly clear lenses.

FIXD: We all know vehicles are unpredictable and timely maintenance is a pain in the neck. This new device FIXD acts as a built-in mechanic when plugged into a car’s port. It monitors the vehicle constantly for any problems and notifies us too if maintenance is required. Isn’t it way too helpful?

PhotoStick: Photos and Videos keep safe memories that are not possible to replace. Storing them in clouds often have risks of data breaching. PhotoStick is just the right gadget to keep all your photos and videos safe. Just connecting the thumb-sized device to our computer will do all the work.

MUAMA Instant Translator: Language translation is easier now! This new Instant Translator created by two Japanese inventors can translate real-time speech with only a few finger-taps. With over 40+ different languages, it is a must-carry gadget when traveling abroad. Language barriers are not a problem anymore perhaps! It is easy to use and lightweight as well.

VIZR: It is sometimes dangerous to watch the phone screens frequently for navigation. It is a major cause of distraction among drivers. VIZR is invented for this purpose. It is a clear screen which we can place right in front of us while driving. It is made from special see-through glass which will not obstruct our view while driving. Really innovative!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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