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Discover Recycled Plastic Flash Drives

Updated on December 7, 2009

Flash drives, or memory sticks as they are sometimes known, are endlessly useful for anyone who has a computer. You can transfer files between machines, carry lots of information around in your pocket and much more besides.

But just think how good it would be to own flash drives made from recycled rubber. In fact, if you have your own business you could tell everyone all about it simply by making the recycled plastic flash drives freely available as gifts.

How can I promote my business with a flash drive made from recycled stuff?

It’s easy.  These aren’t just any old recycled plastic memory sticks.  They are promotional items that are used to flaunt your business. 

So first of all you have to choose the type of flash drive you want.  They are all made from recycled stuff so you could go for whatever design you want.  There is a twist design which protects the part you plug into your machine when you aren’t using it.  You can also opt for a flash drive made from metal, but the body has benefited from the company’s drive to recycle plastic in all its forms.

There are plenty of other designs as well including a keyring version that means you can keep your USB stick safe and sound when you aren’t using it.  But once you have chosen the design you want – which could be made from recycled packaging or perhaps even recycled art if it was made from plastic – you get to put your name on it too.

Splash your business name over a flash drive made from recycled packaging, recycled art or other recycled plastic products

Yes you really can do this.  If your clients are the type of people to have a constant need for a flash drive, give them one made from recycled stuff.  It will have your business name and logo on the front, reminding them of you every time they use it.

If your company logo contains a phone number this is even better, as they’ll know exactly who to call.  Every time they pick up your flash drive made from recycled stuff or recycled plastic products, they will see that number.  What better advert could there be for your business?


Show your clients how green you are with a recycled plastic memory stick made from recycled packaging and a lot more besides

Plastic can be nasty stuff if it isn’t recycled.  But most plastic things CAN be recycled and used once again.  This staves off the amount we put in landfills as a result.

So recycled art, recycled packaging, anything that is made from plastic could be in that memory stick you will be using to promote your company with.  That is a powerful message to send to your clients.  You can literally go green too, since many of these flash drives that are made from recycled plastic products are green in colour.  That adds to the message and helps you to promote your company as one that wants to make the most of recycled art, recycled rubber and much more besides.

Some other useful designs and styles for your promotional memory stick

Why not wear your USB memory stick on your wrist?  Just because it is made from recycled stuff, it doesn’t mean it will be uncomfortable.

This soft rubber version is made from recycled rubber so you know it will be comfy to wear.  And when you need to use it, just unclip it, pop it in your machine and off you go.  It’s ready to return to your wrist once you’ve finished with it.  Recycled stuff has never been so attractive!

Bean flash drives are good to go with if you want your business name to really catch someone’s eye.  They’re easy to handle since they are made from recycled rubber, so you won’t drop them easily.  And your business name stands out from the recycled rubber part too, making certain that people will see your name.

Ideal as gifts and perfect for employees

Spread the word and let everyone know you help to recycle plastic into useful flash drives.  Order them in bulk, send them out to clients and distribute them among your employees.  Keep your business name in front of the people who matter – and remind them that you approve of companies who recycle rubber into recycled USB drives that can be used again and again.

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for a really great hub. I fully agree with recycling. I never heard of recycled Flash Drive and thank you for pointing it out to me.