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How To Reduce Eye Stress, Neck, Shoulder Pain with Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Computer Monitor Arm: My Solution

Updated on January 9, 2011

LX Desk Mount Arm

LCD Computer Monitor Swivel Arm
LCD Computer Monitor Swivel Arm

Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Have you been thinking about a flat panel monitoring arm?  I had to.  As I got closer to 50 years old, my vision began getting worse.  Considering I've been wearing glasses for 45 years, and my eyes were already pretty bad, that's a problem.  Especially when working on my computer.  Eye strain gets pretty serious when you spend more waking hours on the computer than away from it.  New glasses helped, but not enough.  The eye strain was causing migraines, vertigo, and serious loss of time I could have been working. 

Ergotron Computer Monitor Mounts

What I needed was a way to adjust my lcd monitor.  Any time, any angle, any height.  According to OSHA, your monitor should be at or below eye level.  My monitor sat too high, which contributed to the problem. 

Now that I've whined about the problem, I guess it's time to introduce the answer… fully positionable desk-mounted swivel arms… an lcd monitor mount!  It took a while to find this out.  Initially, I was doing random Google searches for words like monitor, eye strain, re-position, anything that might be pertinent.  After a lot of (more or less) random searching, one company kept popping up.  Ergotron.

Desk-Mounted Luxury

The Adjustable Stand
The Adjustable Stand

Choosing the Right LCD Monitor Mount

Ergotron has a variety of swivel support arms for lcd monitors and computers.  There are plenty of good ratings by satisfied customers.  With all the choices to pick from, it was easy to find a great computer monitor mount for my monitor size/weight class.  For me, the swivel arm of choice was the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm.

First Priority - Reduce Eye Strain!

It does all that I needed, and a lot more.  The LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm is a multiple-jointed articulating arm that makes moving your monitor a snap.  Lift, push, pull, twist, position it anywhere, and that's where it stays.  Put it exactly where you need it.  Significantly reduces eye strain.  I would have been happy with the swivel arm just for that. 

Great fun - Watch this video... they had fun making it!

Next, Take Care of Neck and Back Strain

But a good monitor stand also manages neck and back strain.  Better position, better posture, less wear and tear on muscles from looking too far up or down.  I had no idea how much my neck and shoulders had been hurting until I started using the LX Desk Mount LCD Arm.  Much better now.  And if I do get tired, move my chair, or change posture, then it only takes a touch and my monitor moves to accommodate the new viewing angle. 

The Bare Bones

Just the arm by itself. Note the multiple articulation.
Just the arm by itself. Note the multiple articulation.

The Ultimate Adjustable Computer Monitor Stand

Ergotron's desk mount swivel arm has even more going for it. Since it's mounted on a long swivel arm, your monitor will be hovering above the desk instead of sitting on the desk. You get a lot of 'desk real estate' back by floating the monitor on a swivel arm. Plus, when someone else uses your desk, they can adjust the monitor to suit them without reorganizing your desk. Easy to move, easy to put back where it was. It's the ultimate adjustable stand for your computer monitor.

Monique's desk is to my left in our home office.  Sometimes, I need to show her something I'm working on, or share an item of mutual interest.    Just twist the monitor so we can both see.  The LX Desk Mount gives a solid anchor and a wide range of motion.  Putting it back where it was is just as easy.  Having a crowd watching over your shoulder becomes a whole new experience when height and angle are so easy to adjust. 

Ergotron LCD Stand Mount

2 ways to attach to your desk.
2 ways to attach to your desk.

Attaching the Computer Monitor Arm To Your Desk

Boxed with the Ergotron LX LCD monitor stand you'll find two choices for mounting.  There's a grommet-style attachment that involves drilling holes in your desk.  For those who don't want such a drastic solution, there's also a clamp.  The clamp isn't as secure, but it's great that Ergotron provides both options with the LX LCD arm.  The desk clamp can grip anywhere from 1/2" to 1 & 7/8".  The grommet mount requires a hole in the ranges of 5/16" to 2" in width.  Depth can be up to 2 & 1/2".  Cables can be fed through a routing system under the swivel arm, though mine don't always stay in place if I move it too much.  No problem, that's what twist-ties were invented for.

On the lcd swivel arm itself, you'll find several tension screws to adjust for balance and resistance.  Simple to adjust.  Once you've properly balanced the Ergotron arm to your monitor's size and weight, it stays.  I've had mine for over a year, and have NEVER had to re-adjust it.

For a more serious view, this video really shows what the Ergotron LX Arm can do.

Stylish Yet Functional

You can get the Ergotron LX desk mount lcd arm in black or silver.  The design is stylish and hi-tech.  Very cool.  It comes with the main arm stand, main arm, an add-on extension, and the mounting bracket assembly.  The arm slides up and down the length of the main stand, and can be adjusted to any point along the length.  The LX desk mount lcd arm can hold an lcd monitor up to 24" and 20 pounds.  If you use the extension arm, it may adversely affect the maximum weight.  Just remember, most monitor's official listed weight includes the base.  Removing the base will reduce the listed weight slightly.  Speaking of the base, Ergotron's desk mount swivel arm is compatible with VESA MIS-D, 100/75, C Compliant lcd monitors.  While that's greek to me, it's a good idea to check your monitor's base before buying.

Full extension abilities

Extend and Retract easily
Extend and Retract easily

What's The Range of Movement?

Comes with a 13" height range, 80 degrees of tilt, and a 180 degree pan.  The arm pivots a complete 360 degree circle.  Max extension is 24", or more if you use the extra arm attachment.  You can even spin the monitor on it's axis for portrait versus landscape orientation.

The series of tension springs and swivel hinges is a patented design called "Constant Force lift and pivot" motion technology.  Moving the monitor through it's full range is smooth and easy.  You're always just a touch away from the perfect monitor position.  The swivel arm comes with a 5-year warranty.  Construction quality is excellent, I'm confident I'll never need the warranty… but it's a nice touch.

Works for Me!

My life is much easier with the Ergotron computer monitor stand!
My life is much easier with the Ergotron computer monitor stand!

The Ergotron LCD Monitor Mount -Does All That I Ask Of It

Like I mentioned, my computer gets a lot of use. The Ergotron lx deskmount swivel arm helps by reducing eye stress, and shoulder, neck and back strain. Do more, hurt less. I like that. Besides, it's instant gratification. Put the monitor anywhere I want, anytime I want to. I love that!

Do you own or plan to purchase an articulated monitor stand?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      petq e @ndvunvei ayntex asaqhtanxi.Sa evs mek angam sheshtum e ayn past@ vor mer erkir@ irakanum voch te karavarvum e, ayl anxna kerpov talanvum.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      petq e @ndvunvei ayntex asaqhtanxi.Sa evs mek angam sheshtum e ayn past@ vor mer erkir@ irakanum voch te karavarvum e, ayl anxna kerpov talanvum.

    • Crewman6 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks 'Arms'! You're absolutely right, mine has made a wonderful difference for me.

    • profile image

      Monitor Arms 

      7 years ago

      Great read. Poor ergonomics can lead to Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs), which are musculoskeletal disorders caused or made worse by the work environment. Monitor arms carries ergonomic benefits. They allow the technology to move with the user, while contributing to an ergonomic posture and reducing eyestrain.

    • Crewman6 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      If you spend a lot of time at the computer, it should make a big difference. It sure did for me! I have a cousin who's a medical transcriptionist... She says it's not the weird medical terms, it's the weird accents the doctors speak with that make the job so tough. Sounds like you've really figured it out, though. Cool job!

    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 

      8 years ago from Washington

      That could really be beneficial to me and my old lady neck! I have such problems with my whole body it seems from my 30+ years as a medical transcriptionist and now what do I do but add on more typing to my plate with hubpages....oh well. Great information though and I'm going to have to look into getting one of those!

    • Crewman6 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Cool; I have to admit, I love mine. It's worth every penny. Thanks!

    • trafford profile image


      8 years ago from San Diego

      Simply awesome, i saw this kind of LCDs attached at currency exchange offices and other Designing office, where they need to see at big screen, where ever they move.


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