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Registering a domain name? Here is an Analysis of Free Services

Updated on July 7, 2011
Register domain name with free goodies
Register domain name with free goodies

Register domain name with free goodies

The world of domain registration has gotten surprisingly competitive. Registrars, in order to gain more business, often offer free services and “goodies” along with a website registration. They can go from the most basic services to the extremely complex.

Many domain registration sites offer free URL forwarding once you register your domain name with them. This can be especially useful if you had a blog on another domain name, and need to transfer everything over. Domain forwarding is generally offered as a free service across most major domain registry companies. Considering how important URL forwarding can be when updating a website, it’s probably best to exclusively opt for domain registry companies that offer this as a free service.

One of the most popular “freebies” that successful domain registrars often use to gain more customers is a free site builder. Obviously, this has been a hit with many personal websites for an obvious reason - they don’t have to code it themselves, and they also don’t have to buy a professional’s services in order to have a presentable site. This often goes hand in hand with another popular service - free site hosting. When a company offers free site hosting and site builders, this often creates a huge amount of traffic. After all, people pay extra for convenience.

Along with offers of site builders and web hosting, many registrars are also offering a free blog for your site. Free blogs are excellent for companies with frequent updates, personal sites, and also for people who are trying to get their voices heard. Although it’s not as expansive as a site builder, it’s worth noting that free blogs are still often a very popular free service that domain registrars have begun offering.

Email hosting often comes hand in hand with domain registry as well. For professionals who want to have their website or business as part of their email address, this is a great freebie to get. Most of the time, it can be linked to an email account like Gmail or Yahoo.

One of the newer trends you may see once you go to register domain with a domain website is free business applications for your site. Apps like calendars, guest-books, instant messaging services for websites, and even online storage apps have all been offered as free services for business owners registering their company’s site. Of course, this only works well for people who need those kinds of applications. With a little variety, this might be a quick way to lure customers to a certain registrar.

Online marketing in various forms has been offered as a free service by domain registration companies. The issue with free online marketing or marketing tools is that they often are not very effective. However, free advertising is still free advertising. Companies who are looking for marketing at every level might want to check out a domain registrar who offers this free service.

For many, advanced DNS control will make or break a registrar. Without DNS control, a web page might be difficult to manage, or lack security measures that many companies absolutely need in order to keep their website running smoothly.

Even photo-books have been offered as a free service for companies and individuals looking to register their domains with a certain company. Photographers, models, agencies, and companies which enjoy putting their products on display will all enjoy this free service. For many other sites, a photo-book might not actually be too useful.

In conclusion, you can find basically everything under the sun (lol) when you look at all the free services that are offered by domain registry companies if you search. There are freebies that are made to fit every company, every industry, and even every individual site. Of course, free services aren’t worth much if the domain registry company isn’t a high quality company. As long as you remember that quality is much better than quantity for both registry and the free services that registrars provide, you will probably find a great domain registrar.


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