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Is Registry Easy the Top Registry Cleaner?

Updated on October 23, 2009

Review of Registry Easy Cleaner

There are some nice features to Registry Easy registry optimizer even though it is relatively unheard of. The extra features contained within this application make it worth considering. The application is becoming popular because people are finding out how beneficial it is to use.

The features provided with Registry Easy make it very easy to maintain your entire personal computer. Registry Easy is a well designed utility for your whole personal computer. Registry Easy can be installed and used with all releases of Windows after Windows 98. It also contains support for Windows Vista and XP.

The free trial makes it really straight forward to test run what this registry cleaner will provide for your PC. If you require convincing then there is also a money back agreement clause. To try the free trial now be sure to take a look at Registry Easy

One of the many benefits of Registry Easy is the feature lists as these are impressively long. You can use this software to improve your whole computer.


Nobody should have a problem using this application because it's so easy.  The dashboard makes the application extremely easy for anyone to use. It's possible to do ideally anything you want using Registry Easy. The buttons are big enough which makes it fairly easy to click on them.

Registry Scan Details

Scanning the registry with Registry Easy can be done in 5 minutes or thereabouts. Registry Easy is capable of detecting a wide range of errors and helping to fix them.

Once you are done with scanning your computer there will be a list of faults which call for your attention. Go through the problems and then decide how you want to deal with it. It's also possible to permit the software to change everything at once.

Safety of Information

Personal computer registries are very delicate, make sure that everything is backed up before proceeding on anything. The bundled backup feature functions incredibly well. Restoring the information will then be possible if your personal computer gets any worse.

This backup can also construct a system restore point. The backup function can make very reliable backups which will provide insurance that you're never left in a worse state than when you started.

Final Facts

Registry Easy is a great system maintenance tool.  The backup function works particularly well and is ideal for keeping your PC protected.  If you want to try out the program now check out  Registry Easy Cleaner.


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