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Registry Clean Up

Updated on December 24, 2009

Easy Registry Clean Up

It's great to start using a brand new computer because they work so quickly. Using a new computer makes life much simpler. Computers will all tend to slow down the longer you use them. Using Registry clean up scanners might speed up your system.

Everyone will encounter this as their computer starts to get older. The reason PC's start to lag isn't just because they are getting old. Computers really lose speed because they get bloated.

Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system on the planet and although there’s nothing wrong with using it there are a few things that you can do to speed it up. There are many options to increase the speed of your PC if you realize that it's really slowed down.

Many people think that the only way to speed up their computer is by formatting it. A registry clean up software download might be able to get your computer operating quickly once again.

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Purpose of the registry

The registry is a central part of the windows operating system. This is a enormous database and it is where many computer settings are kept. All of the settings used to be kept in "ini files" before the registry. The primary purpose of the registry was to accelerate computers and create one central base for all of this information.

Registry Error Solutions

Registry Errors

The registry works well but if there are any issues or problems in it then this can cause problems for your whole system. Your registry grows the more you use your computer and this will start slowing your computer down. The registry will take more time to check through the bigger it is.

Uninstalling programs doesn't necessarily remove them all. Removed programs can sometimes leave errors in the windows registry. A registry optimizer will help you to weed out these pesky entries and speed up your system once again.

Optimizing Software for Your Registry

Windows registry optimizers will search for errors in your registry and help to remove them. These optimizers will help you to find and fix defective entries in your registry. Registry scanner software will help to make your computer faster by reducing the size of the registry.

Windows comes bundled with regedit which could be used to remove entries by hand. This isn't a great solution because the Windows registry is easy to damage. Using optimizer downloads will make it possible to safely remove these entries.

Making regular backups of your computer are also completely essential because without them you could find yourself in a bit of a disaster. The windows restore function is also very useful.

Most errors can be repaired by using registry clean up software. The Windows registry is extremely complicated which is why you shouldn’t attempt repairs yourself. You will find that automated software will make fixing your computer really easy.

You don't need to format your computer to speed it up again. Formatting your computer might work however it means you will lose all of your information. Registry scanning software can be used to restore your PC to its former glory.


The windows registry is extremely sensitive and you must be very careful when modifying it in anyway. Even when using automated registry cleaners they can make mistakes. To protect your data it is imperative that you back up your computer before attempting any repair.

I hope you enjoyed this article, I also have a review of the safest registry products that you might want to check out here: Choosing Reliable Top Registry Cleaners


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