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Remote Access Network Support for Your Business

Updated on January 14, 2012
When you encounter network issues that negatively impact your business, you need a network support company that offers remote access in order to get you up and running as soon as possible. Remote access technology allows someone to log into a system without having to be physically present at the computer keyboard.

Remote Desktop

This is the most advanced type of remote access. It allows the users of one computer to view and interact with the actual desktop of another computer. To set this up, you need to configure both the host computer and the target using some software. The software launches a window on the host computer that shows a view of the target desktop’s computer. Windows XP and above includes a remote desktop feature while Macs use the Apple Remote Desktop feature. The majority of remote desktop solutions are based on VNC (Virtual Network Computing) technology.

Remote File Access

Basic access allows the user of the host computer to read and write files on the target computer even in the absence of desktop capability. With Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology you can login and access files remotely over Wide Area Networks (WANs). However, the host system must however be running client software while VPN server technology must be running on the target network. In addition to VPNs, one can access files remotely by using Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.

Remote Support Services

These are a variety of network support services that make use of some or all of the technologies outlines above. Many service providers offer remote support for a number of services. The pre-requisite for remote support is a fast, reliable Internet connection. The following are some of the network support services commonly offered remotely:

  • Configuring settings for e-mail, Internet or Microsoft Office
  • Internet optimization
  • Removal of spyware applications
  • Software installation
  • Software upgrades
  • Support for peripheral devices
  • System tune-up and routine maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Virus removal

There are many benefits to remote support but the most evident is the fact that you can receive support from anywhere in the world. You need not visit your provider physically nor does your provider have to come to your premises.

Blue Logic Ltd has been providing exceptional network support services to a wide range of clientele for other three years. We are headquartered in Leeds, United Kingdom and we currently provide support to over 200 companies across Yorkshire and the North.


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