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Home Security Systems - Remote Surveillance - Wireless Surveillance

Updated on September 23, 2015

Avaak Vue Wireless Remote Surveillance System:

I am always worried when it comes to home security while I am away from home for short trips out of town or extended vacation. In the past, I experimented with Yahoo messenger and MSN but problem was both needs a computer always connected to the high-speed internet. That was very expensive & not good for extended use.

Until I found Avaak Vue which Personal Video Network & only you can watch when you are logged into your account. It is very easy to set up you do no need any software to install on your computer or even need a computer to connect the Vue Cameras. Vue Cameras & the network are the easiest and simplest way to monitor your home or business 24/7 with peace of mind.

You can remotely view your live Vue Cameras from any Internet browser connected to the Internet or flash-enabled mobile device from anywhere in the world.

► Vue Cameras are wireless, you can install them with the peel and stick magnetic mounts included in the package very quickly in any location you want to monitor.

► Whenever you want to monitor your installed Cameras you can remotely view them with any browser or flash-enabled mobile device with your personal, secure account at, where you can watch, record and share video clips or photos with friends and family through internet or upload to Flickr and YouTube

Vue Camera and Gateway Features

Vue is unique....Vue network requirements:

► You do not need a wireless router, it can be a wired router connected to the INTERNET THROUGH DSL OR CABLE MODEM. You just need to plug in the Vue Gateway into the LAN port available on your router. Vue Cameras are wireless, therefore Cameras will transmit the live video to the Gateway.

► When you want to view your Vue Cameras, you will need an internet connection & any browser or flash-enabled mobile device.

Peel and stick

Peel and stick magnetic mounts make installing your cameras easy. No power cords or wires,and no tools required.
Peel and stick magnetic mounts make installing your cameras easy. No power cords or wires,and no tools required.

What's in the box & detailed specifications

► Two Vue wireless cameras battery-powered, comes with batteries & 4 camera mounts.

► Network gateway with AC power adapter, Ethernet cable, and account with 2 gb storage & free account for the first year.

► Easily peel and stick magnetic mounts to set up Vue cameras anywhere.

► Vue network gateway is plug & play therefore no configuration is required, plug into your router, mount the cameras and start viewing.

► No software installation hook up the Vue Cameras in minutes.

► You can view your cameras or record and share online with any browser when you are logged into your personal secure account.

Remote Surveillance


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  • Mr Nice profile image

    Mr Nice 8 years ago from North America

    Thanks grillrepair for viewing the hub, I will update the hub in few minutes to further explain.

  • grillrepair profile image

    grillrepair 8 years ago from florida

    stick cameras to the wall, plug a hub of some sort to my wireless router and that's it? really? that is awesome!