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Removing Fast Browser Search

Updated on May 23, 2010

Fast Browser Search

Okay, removing most programs is usually pretty easy. Anyone who's installed My Web Tattoo, or any other program with the Fast Browser Search assistant it it, knows that this thing is nearly impossible to get rid of! Going to add remove programs usually doesn't work. This insidious little piece of "software" seems to hide.

If you call the company that's released it, they may even ask you to disable your antivirus and firewalls, as they may interfere in the uninstall accessing your computer's registry. Sure, do that???!!! Trust a company that installs what should be considered malware to install the proper uninstall software from their site.

Try this instead: Go to any and all browsers that you have installed>Under view, make sure fast browser search is turned on (checked)>Close the browser(s)Go to your C drive> program files> (whichever browser you use) and look for any incarnation of fbs toolbar, or fbs manifest etc. Delete this! Once you've deleted it, open your browser again and look under toolbars. The FBS will be gone. This is the only method out of all the methods on the Internet that I've found to work.

Once you're done, clean the registry and defragment the drive.


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