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Repusurance tells how bad online reputation is dangerous for you

Updated on December 10, 2017
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Amarpreet , has been working as a journalist from past seven years and expertise in field of latest technology and social media.

Repusurance tells how bad online reputation is dangerous for you

Are you still unaware of the consequences of bad online reputation? For many of you looking bad on internet could seem minor at first. But this is the one thing that can splash scandal about you hurting you personally as well as professionally in long run.

While talking about the cost of reputation we would like to remind the $180 million, which was paid by United Airlines. Musician David Carroll released a song “United breaks Guitar” when his guitar was damaged by the Airlines. It was a big hit and got more than 15 million views and the cost of the video was $180 million as United’s stock fell by 10% after the release of song.

Business is more difficult to run when it is facing a bad online reputation. In a recent conversation with CEO of Repusurance , Amandeep Brar said, “Be it a corporate scandal, poor customer service or unsatisfied employees”. Instead of going into the past, we can take a recent example of Uber. Ceo of Uber had to leave his position under the pressure of shareholders due to his bad online image. For any business following a bad online reputation, circumstances start becoming tough with time. In the recent interview Repusurance it shares the dangers associated with bad online reputation by making people aware be it individual or any organization to understand the consequences of having a bad online reputation.

Bad online reputation ends up at loss of potential customers:

Repusurance CEO told that, “a bad or good reputation can cause 5 to 9 percent of loss or profit in business. Customers today are more active on internet and social media making them aware of any brand’s reputation on web”.

Business with a good online reviews and reputation is considered by more than 80% of people whereas a bad reputation can lead any business into loss. Your bad online reputation is damaging your business. According to a study 80% of people search for brands online and go through at least 10 reviews before choosing any. There are 95% of chances that your potential customers search you online and your bad reviews or negative information online make them to switch their searches. Now is the time when you are not evaluated on your actual strengths but on the basis of your online reputation.

Get difficulties to gain new customers:

Repusurance states that a bad image on internet can make you gain new customers nearly impossible when you already have so much negative online then how can you get new customers. It is very hard to get new customers with a bad online reputation when your regular customers are not even recommending you.

You know that how bad news spread faster than the good news, likewise a business with bad online reputation may get difficulties in getting new customers. It is surveyed that one negative information or review will cost you 22 percent potential customers. You must be thinking that it is just the numbers but these numbers can move up with time and can harm you completely.

Competitors make profits due to your bad online reputation:

Repusurance advises that you are not competing alone in the market and this is the truth. Repusurance says that your competitor is waiting for your fall so that it can make money. It is observed that many competitors make use of internet to tarnish their competitor’s online reputation. If you are giving a tough competition, you must take care of your online reputation.

Repusurance says that your bad online reputation paves the way of success to your competitors leaving you behind. Thereby one must secure its online reputation before it leaves your business in poor conditions

Repusurance’s take on the problem of loss of revenue:

Repusurance says that no customer means any sales, which will make a sharp downfall to your revenue. No company or business can move ahead with less or no revenue which completely depends on your reputation in the market.

“Bad online reputation can completely damage your business leaving you poor, so better take steps to secure your online reputation on time.”

Consequences Repusurance mentioned above falls under professional category where it seems to affect your business. But, besides professionally, bad online reputation harm you personally too. Negative online information, loss in business may leave anyone broken. So, it is necessary to work on your online reputation as your whole life depends upon it.

Here are some of the consequences apart from professional.


Whether you want to hear anything from internet or not, it is going to affect you. Social profiles, email, websites, blog and comments section, internet have a wider area where people can talk about you or harass you. In case of talks, what happens, people speaks for sometime and then forget but on internet nothing buries. People keep searching about you and may talk about you anonymously.

There will be people or your competitors who will keep dredging up settled business and leave you with negative online reputation.

Stressful life:

Any negative news has the capacity to give you stress but when you know that this news is going to be viral on internet, that is much more stressful. Repusurance argues that the more a stressful life the less you are able to concentrate on your business and hence it leads to loss in your business and further leads to more depression.

Repusurance provides solution :

Repusurance , one of the leading company in online reputation management company and is growing at a great pace , it has gained trust of millions of people and today stand as the only ORM company to provide 100% success rate . Repusurance , helps you to get the online image of your dreams and help maintain quality reputation by providing removal of negative links and negative comments or reviews and provide praising comments and articles or links in support of your company and business. If you want to remove stress from your life then you must give all your worries to Repusurance will be rebuild and repair your online presence with the help of their team of experts.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      13 months ago from Shelton

      a very well put together hub.. great for anyone putting together a SMART plan great share


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