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Resolving Error “Non-System disk or disk error . . . Replace and strike a key when ready.” on Windows Computer

Updated on December 20, 2010

If you are using Windows computer, then you may notice several error problems i.e. error message time to time and one of the common error is “Non-System disk or disk error . . . Replace and strike a key when ready.” In this page, a detail instructions will be provided where you could find the main reasons of this problem and finally you will find the solution of this problem.

Error Message:

Non-System disk or disk error . . . Replace and strike a key when ready.

What the Error Message Means?

The error message simply means that WinXP is attempting to boot from a disk that
doesn’t contain the system files WinXP needs to start. The disk may be the floppy drive or CD / DVD drive or hard disk drive. At the start up time of WinXP, windows needs to access to some certain bits of information of the desired location. Generally, all hard drive’s boot sector, contains the start-up files WinXP which needs to continue the boot process. If  windows can not find those files, the boot process stops and it generates the error something like the above error.

How to Solve the Error Message "Non-System disk or disk error . . . Replace and strike a key when ready."?

The solution of this error message is very simple and easy. Just follow the following paragraphs to solve the problem of Non System disk or disk error . . . Replace and strike a key when ready.

Most of the time it is seen that the error occurs if you have a floppy diskette in your drive. So, just check whether there is any floppy diskette in your drive. The error is caused when anyone leave a floppy in the disk drive, turn off the computer, and then turn it on again without taking the diskette out of the drive. The floppy is not a system disk and Windows can't find the system files and thus it can't boot. Now, the solution is to check the floppy drive whether there is any floppy diskette it in the floppy drive, remove it and press any key on your keyboard and you will see that Windows should now start up normally.

If there is no floppy disk the solution is quite a bit hard and different. The cause of the error may be that the hard drive’s boot sector has been damaged or erased due to the cause of a boot-sector virus or a hard drive failure. Most antivirus programs let you create a rescue disk designed specifically for those times when a virus renders your computer unbootable. Using a a rescue diskette the problem can be fix. Just insert it into your floppy drive, restart the computer, and follow the antivirus software’s instructions to clean the boot-sector infection and restore your computer and that's all the problem may be solved.

You may not be able to solve or fix the problem applying the above methods. Then the problem is not the cause of a boot-sector virus. The cause of the error message or the problem is thehard drive’s boot sector, for some reason or another, has been damaged. WinXP’s Recovery Console has two utilities you can use to try to repair your boot sector: FIXBOOT or FIXMBR. FIXBOOT writes an entirely new boot sector, while FIXMBR repairs the MBR (master boot record) in the boot sector. And by applying this technique, you can easily solve the problem.


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