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Resources for Computer Science Entrepreneurs

Updated on April 1, 2011

For anyone aspiring to start a business, it's important to realize that your financial capital is the sum of your intellectual capital and your relationship capital. If you want to do well financially that means you should know the right things and you should be acquainted with the right people.

More and more computer science graduates are considering to start a tech company. In this article I'll give an overview of interesting websites that discuss topics such as computer science, entrepreneurship and related topics.

These resources can also help with learning more about entrepreneurship and it's very well possible that you'll find like-minded people through these websites. On the other hand, these are just online resources; nothing beats meeting like-minded people in person at local events.

Time to brush up your programming knowledge!
Time to brush up your programming knowledge! | Source

Hacker News is a well-known website among startups in Sillicon Valley, United States - a region known for its many technology corporations and young technology companies.

Hacker News is a great resource for recent technological news, such as the latest inventions or developments in computer programming, and for news about starting and running a tech company. The site is part of Y Combinator which regularly provides funding to new tech companies. It also guides the founders through the initial phases of a new company. The entire procedure to apply for funding is explained on their website and it's worth considering at some point if you think you have a decent idea and a solid group of founders.

While I'm at it, have a look at Paul Graham's articles as well, one of the co-founders of Y Combinator.

At Untemplater you'll find a variety of people in the process of starting a company or an online business to support themself. This website is not so much focussed on computer science but more on breaking the "template lifestyle" of earning a daily paycheck in a cubicle. The content at Untemplater does often advocate making use of technology to start a business, such as an online store.

The website discusses topics such as personal finance, self-improvement and living a mobile lifestyle. The idea of a mobile lifestyle is that you should not be limited to a geographic location. This means that you should be able to travel and run your business from elsewhere in the world. This idea of 'location independence', as it is also called, may or may not be your thing but it could serve as inspiration that your own imagination is the limit. Many of these ideas can also be found in the book 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

Your blog

This one may seem weird in this list of resources but for many this has been the most valuable resource. By having an online presence you can share your insights, you can improve your ability to write and you can connect to like-minded people. You never know who might read your blog and the opportunities that could arise from it!

It's best to purchase your own domain name and host a blog there. It can serve as your online presence and it's a convenient place for people to get to know you better.

If you know of other resources that are interesting for computer science graduates regarding entrepreurship, please share them in the comments below!

This article was written by Simeon Visser. I am earning money online by writing here at Would you like to earn money online as well? Read the success stories and sign up today to get started!


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    • simeonvisser profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @Cardisa: That's probably a technical problem with HubPages. Thanks for your comments.. I must say I haven't written many hubs very recently but there are still quite a few online yes :)

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 

      7 years ago from Jamaica

      Hi Simeon, I am not seeing your hubs links being emailed to me by hubpages. I decided to visit your space and is surprised to see so many hubs written by you since the last time I read one of your articles.

      I must say this one is very well written and has some useful information. I will keep checking in on your profile page to see when you publish a new hub.

      Thanks for the high tech info.


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