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Review of CenturyLink Internet Service Provider

Updated on January 23, 2015

We live in the age of technology and smart devices and to keep up to this we have to make some smart choices. Today we are going to discuss certain internet service provider and that is CenturyLink.

Internet is very important part of out lives and there is lot of different internet service providers who are providing the internet to lot of peoples. We have to make smart and reasonable choices if we want to service in this constant digitizing world.

CenturyLink is one of those companies that provide us with internet on which our most of things depend. We will cover some basic but very important points of this internet service provider so read carefully.


CenturyLink is one of the third largest internet service provider companies in the United States. They include lot of different technologies to provide as good experience to their customer as possible.

They offer their services to many different areas in United States. Their main focus is on the optical fiber technology that provides lot of better quality internet on the planet. They are also available in new areas such as Utah and New Mexico.

What makes them different is their old tradition that is very promising with their service to their clients and lot of people trust them and that is the key of their success.

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There are different types of technology when it comes to the internet connection. Now a day’s lot of internet service provider use optical fiber or cable technology and that is very good in term of any aspect of the internet technology.

CenturyLink also uses this optical fiber technology and provides the best download and upload speeds available to its customers across the United States. You have to see different types of subscription packages available on the CenturyLink website; I am unable to include all the service and different package information because these type of things changes with time.

Speed can range from 20 mbps to 40mbps but there is no specific speed listed when it comes to CenturyLink because speed depends on lot of factors such as total number of connections in that particular area and the total number of people online at that particular time.

But this is very good for normal usage of internet but if you are internet geek and downed lot of stuff from the internet then I suggest that you should select the best available package in the CenturyLink portfolio.


Evaluation Criteria

Now is the instant for detail evaluation of different variables that will decide whether or not this internet service provider is great or bad. These variables include lit of things that decide the ultimate excellence of internet service provider in the extended run.

We have to look in depth on the all the specific aspects that decide the worthiness of the particular internet service provider. These items are pretty standard and common such as speed, support and coverage area.

Sometimes it is very hard to determine that which internet service provider is good and which one is bad. Today’s electronic world has complicated numerous things and with the mass media promotion it becomes very hard to split good from bad.

So we have to do substantial research to look for some specific clues in the portfolio of the internet service provider to choose its merit. CenturyLink is very good in this thing, it offers internet access to nearly three million individuals across the United States and this is very big quantity and it represents its character and excellence of service. CenturyLink is constantly enhancing its services.


Speed of Connection

Connection speed is very important for our web usage and we have to see for this internet service providers that provide the biggest speeds for practical prices. Speed that these internet service providers exhibit is not the actual speed or fixed speed,

it’s just top speed simply because your speed will vary depending the occasion of the day or you place. As far as DSL Internet stretches, CenturyLink is extremely fast, with plans promoting up to 45 Mbps. This must allow you to browse the web, watch videos, and play video games online with no endure long load times.

These speeds also make CenturyLink an awesome option for families where there are several computer systems, smartphones, or ipads all connected to the Internet. Everybody can be online at once and always get the smooth Internet service that they anticipate from CenturyLink.


Five Year Lock Price and TV Plus Phone Bundle

CenturyLink has a 5-year price package offer, which guarantees that the regular price that you spend for your DSL Internet service does not get higher for 5 years. This offering is unequaled among DSL providers — and among the Internet providers — and could be exceedingly valuable if you are hunting to keep your costs minimal.

CenturyLink offers many bundling choices, such as the capability to create your own package with just the services that you need. You can select from any of their Internet programs, and add in their house phone service, Verizon service, and also TV.

Bundling these solutions together can be an awesome way to save small cash and is ideal for homeowners looking to ultimately purchase TV or mobile services also.


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Upload Speeds are Low

Although CenturyLink offers some pretty phenomenal download rates, their upload speeds are surprisingly lackluster. Every plan, with the exception of the 40 Mbps plan, receives only 896 Kbps.

So if you plan on uploading photos or videos to the web, you should be prepared to wait because it could take a while. However, their 40 Mbps plan does offer a 5 Mbps upload speed, which is actually quite good for DSL Internet, and should you choose this plan, you won't have to worry about your uploads taking a long time.


Coverage Area of Service

Another great thing that influence, is the coverage area of specific internet service provider. Various companies have various technology and different system so we have to check out all things in detail before choosing anything. Metropolitan areas have additional option in comparison to rural places.

Because of its 2011 purchase of Qwest Communications, CenturyLink has become the 3rd-largest telecom company in the United States and one of the biggest ISPs. In fact, Qwest Field, the residence of the Seattle, is now CenturyLink Field.

The merger has helped the businesses combine forces to supply 190,000 route miles of network, and now CenturyLink is available in new areas, including Utah, New Mexico and Montana.

You know that these facts are only guide and not a warranty so use it carefully because sometime we are unable to see that how specific providers will respond in future. You must approach all the peoples prior to making any decision about your residence or office.

You can get basic idea by speaking with people that are currently using certain kind of internet option for them. When you observe the rules that are explained above then it is most likely that you will get great internet service provider for yourself. If you have any questions then you can ask them in the comments section below.


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      3 years ago

      Very cool review of centurylink keep up the good work


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