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Review of Frontier Communication Internet Service Provider

Updated on January 31, 2015

Frontier communication is a big name in the market of internet service providers. In the year 2008 this company had purchased lot of infrastructure form different companies to expand its services in lot of different areas. This company had also purchased the large infrastructure facility of Verizon to improve the quality of its services and to offer better services to its customers.


Frontier communications has its infrastructure lot of remote areas where users has very limited choices when it comes to the internet service providers. This network is not top class network but it is very good for a-normal people that are just using the internet on normal basis.

Its infrastructure is somewhat limited and it cannot provide its serve to large part of United States. When we talk about the speed then we face lot of peed issues with this network. They provide the top speed of 25mbps and upload speed of 3mbps but users had lot of complains that these speeds are not the speeds that are being provide to them on their dsl package.

This type of speed is good for normal usage of the internet but it is not good for those customers that want to download some heavy HD movies from the internet so if you do this kind of stuff then you should opt for some other internet service provider.

Most customers had complained that their speed fluctuates a lot depending on the time of the day and the number of customers that are using the internet in that facility. This is not very uncommon and lot of other internet service providers has this kind of issue so this is not the main concern for the company. They use different kind of technology in different areas of the United States and this type of infrastructure also cause lot of differentiation in the speeds.

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2 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Frontier

Now let’s talk about the customer service that This Company is offering to its clients. In the linen of customer service this company is just normal and has an average rating of customer support as rated by it customers. If you want to reach them then you can use the telephone or email and internet chat for this purpose.

They also have a website where they provide lot of tutorials that you can use to address your issues that you are facing with their services. You cannot expect too much from them but they are normal on lot things. If you want quick support on your doorstep then you should knock on the door of some other company.

In rural areas you have to be very careful because they are facing lot of issues in remote areas lately. You should consult with your neighbors very carefully before deciding anything about using the service of the company. They use different kind of technology on different sites and this can greatly affect their quality of their service in the long run so you must look into all these matter before deciding anything.


When we talk about the extra services then we have lot of options that are on the wall. They will provide you with internet security software that you can use to protect yourself from the attacks of different kinds of viruses. You will also get the parental control and free email setup on the internet subscription for free. You will also have the bundle option that you can use if you want to save some money on the internet subscription. Now I will be posting the reviews of some customers that are using the services of the frontier communications.


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Average service and support

I had been using the service for about a year and their service is not that good but not that bad also. They provided me all the devices that are need for dsl connection.

TV features, uptime, price, decent packages

I had been using the service since 2004 and they provide lot of cool features for free, I am totally satisfied with their service and I also recommend them to anyone who is ordering the new internet service for its home or office. They had some issues with the support other than that they are fine.

Repair time is good but their speeds are very slow sometimes

I am their customer for 12 months and I think that their service is just average in lot of things. They provide lot of good support but sometime their support is not that good. During the peak hours I face lot of issues in the speed and my download speed is greatly affected but other than that their service is good.


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    • Con Judge profile image

      Con Judge 3 years ago from Pakistan

      I am so sorry to hear this.

    • profile image

      Liason 3 years ago

      Frontier is very bad internet service provider. I had a very bad experience with them.