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Review of Garmin nuvi 260W

Updated on August 6, 2011

Review of Garmin nuvi 260W

The Garmin nuvi 260W is a wide screen GPS system.

It is a very popular portable navigation device which differs from others in its compactness and slimness and the easy to use features. It has a text to read function which reads the names of the streets and points of interests out loud. This means that it really speaks out the street names so one does not have to rely on the screen each and every time a street is passed. It helps people with work and while traveling. The speak out function enables the driver to keep his attention on the road so it becomes an enhanced security feature. It is very easy to use as it comes preloaded with city navigator, street maps and a broad database which includes all points of interest such as fuel stations, hotels, banks, restaurants, ATMS etc. All the exits and street names along with numbers are covered. This allows clarity and avoids confusion.

Its 4.3 inch backlit wide screen gives a better view of the area where one is driving through. The touch control screen is also very easy to use and the picture quality is excellent. After entering the destination on the colored touch screen, the nuvi helps by guiding with its 2D or 3D maps. It also gives exact turn by turn directions.

Nuvi also gives proximity alerts in case the car is near any preset customized points of interest like a school area. Its accuracy is very amazing. It calls out if one has entered into a wrong driveway. There is absolutely no need for anyone to even go through the instruction manual as it is very user friendly.

Even wearing polarized sun glasses do not distort the screen colors. Because of its compactness it fits in the pocket or in the purse very comfortably. There are many more features in the nuvi 260W other than navigation. They include: calculator, world clock, JPEG photo playback, currency converter, measurement converter, an anti theft lock, SD card slot for storing and USB interface for loading data and more. The rechargeable lithium ion battery has a life of around five hours.

The Garmin takes a little time to acquire a satellite signal but it is capable of getting strong signals even without an external antenna. The choices in the voice on the text to speech feature are few. The pricing is very attractive considering the number of features that has been packed into this small device. Thus it is a very budget friendly device.


ChargerCity GPS Garmin Nuvi 2xx Windshield Ball & Socket Suction Cup Mount & Bracket Unit Holster Bundle
ChargerCity GPS Garmin Nuvi 2xx Windshield Ball & Socket Suction Cup Mount & Bracket Unit Holster Bundle

This Garmin Nuvi Mount Kit includes 1x Ball & Socket style windshield mount and 1 Garmin Nuvi bracket mount and. This simple to install easy to operate mount gives you the comfort of simple to adjust viewing angle, users can safely and securely attach device to any vehicle's windshield.



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