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Review of Time Warner Internet Service Provider

Updated on January 31, 2015

Time warner cable is one of the biggest companies in the world of internet service providers. They offer services to the 20 million customers across the United States. They offer different range of speeds and packages to their customers.

They had won several awards in the industry. They have the latest fiber optic technology that can deliver the fastest speeds in the industry and if you don’t want the fast speed then you can opt for other speed plans that are offered by them. Their speed range from 20 to 50mbps and they offer their services in the most parts of the United States.

One of the most important things about the internet service provider is that it delivers what it displays. Time warner is capable of giving what it promises to its customers.

In most areas it speed ranges from 10 to 20mbps and this is very consistent speed as compared to most of the other internet service providers in the industry.This company also has the potential to expand its services and infrastructure in future. They are also trying their level best to improve the quality of their services.


Speed of Connection

They can offer one of the fastest speeds available in the market. They can provide the speed up to 50mbps and upload speed of 5mbps which is very good and decent speed for normal internet usage.

With their other plans you can get speed up to 30mbps and upload speed of 10mbps which is very good for fast internet usage such as downloading and streaming. In some areas which are close to the servers you can expect the download speeds up to 75mbps but this is present in very few areas so you have to check this thing with the people that are already using their services.

These packages are very good and fast when we compare them with the other internet service providers. You can watch movies and download games and do lot of other stuff with these speeds. If you want faster internet then you should try the Verizon’s fastest 500mbps that is the most expensive and fastest internet service available in the market.


Service Area

They have pretty vast service area and they serve 20 million customers nationwide. They have services available in the 19 states and they are also expanding their services. They offer different products and all are available in the areas where their services are present.

But their optic fiber technology is not present in all areas of the United States and is limited to certain areas so if you want the 75mbps speed then you have to check on their website that they offer that in your area, otherwise you have to select some


Extra Features

You can expect lot of additional services that will come along the internet. You will get 15 email accounts with 5GB storage for each account. You will also get the internet security software that you can use to protect yourself from the internet threats and other malware.

You will also get the parental control software that you can use to keep eye on your kids. You will also get the free anti phishing protection and special updates for all your software. You can also get special plans for your TV and telephone and you can also bundle your services to reduce the cost of your wallet. In some areas you will also get video on demand and DVR recording and this is present in few of the internet service providers.


Support Quality

You will get support that is always present to solve your problems. You can contact the support via telephone or email and you can also visit the local office to register your complain. You can also contact the company via chat to register your complain and without some exceptions your complains will be solved very quickly.


Different Plans and No Credit Check

With 6 different cable Internet solutions available, Time Warner Cable should attract to just about everybody, whether you use the Internet sometimes or spend your whole day online.

The Lite bundle only offers a one Mbps download speed, but you can easily get up to 50 Mbps with their Ultimate plan. All these solutions make it very easy to select a plan that offers the speeds you need without billing you for extra you will not use.

Amazingly, Time Warner Cable does not require clients to go through a credit check to sign up for service. Although a credit check might not be a big contract for most individuals, it's an extra ring to jump over. This is nice for possible Time Warner clients who should be able to breeze through the first sign-up process.


Wifi Hotspots

When you subscribe for some of Time Warner Cable's Internet packages, leaving out the Lite and Basic plans, you also get free accessibility to several TWC Wi-Fi hot spots for linking to the Internet.

This is a great incentive that is particularly useful for those times when you are out from your home network and need a secure link to the Internet. It may not be a determining factor to choose Time Warner over the rival, but it's a nice reward to have.

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Expensive and Activation Fee

Some of Time Warner Cable's more costly plans are a little pricier than some similar packages from their rivals. Still, Time Warner Cable has a wide range of plans, which indicates it's a quite safe bet that they have a plan that might please even the greatest budget-conscious buyer.

Time Warner Cable costs a setup fee with all of their particular cable Internet plans. It's not especially expensive in comparison to what some other businesses charge for this cost. But few cable Internet providers don’t charge a set-up fee at all. This is a fairly minor problem, but something you should be informed of as you sign up to prevent any shocks.

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