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Review of Verizon Internet Service Provider

Updated on January 31, 2015

Verizon is one of the leaders in the world of internet telecommunication and it offers one of the fastest speeds available in the market. Verizon is one of the best internet service providers and it presently serves the 15 million people nationwide.

Verizon is best in lot of ways and it offers flexibility to their customer which is very rare to find now a days. They have one of the best infrastructures available and they are improving it day by day. So today we are going to discuss the Verizon in detail and you will learn a lot about this network today.


Speed of Connection

Upon testing I found out that Verizon offers one of the fastest and consistent speeds in the market of internet telecommunication. Their speed is faster as compared to other networks that I had tested. You can enjoy all the fast internet services like video games, streaming movies and high stuff downloading.

The other cool thing about the Verizon is that you can enjoy their services on multiple platforms while paying for just only one service. This feature gives you lot of flexibility and enjoyment.

Verizon has different speed packages and every package offers different speed, you can get any speed you want and it starts from 0.5mbps. You will also get a free wireless router and 8 email accounts just for joining the service. These are very good plans for people that are just doing normal stuff on the internet but these plans are not good for heavy downloading and movie streaming. This is good dsl service but if you want more speed in dsl service than you have to go to other company.

Verizon has a reputation for the speed of its FIOS connections and they offer different packages and all comes with very high speed. Their lowest plan offers the blazing 15 mbps speed and upload speed of 5mbps. The moderate plan starts with the speed of 75mbps for download and 35mbps for upload and this is very fast as compared to other internet service providers.

This is not the end and if you want to go even higher than you can go to highest plan that offers the top speed of 300 to 500mbps but this is only available in some areas so you have to check this before considering it. If you want to check it then you can go to their site and put your address to in it.


Coverage Area

The services of Verizon of available in the 16 states and they are also expanding in very fast rate. These states include Indiana, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington. If you want to check that if they offer services in your area then you have to go to their site to check your address.


Additional Features

Verizon has very cool additional series. But unlike other internet service providers Verizon offer the internet security suite at addition cost and not with the internet subscription. This is very uncommon because most of the other providers provide this with internet subscription.

If you want extra protection for your pc then you have to take it because it will provide seamless protection for your computer. With this you will also get the power of parental control and YouTube filtering and much more. You will also get online protection and backup for your data for free.

Support Quality

Verizon offers state of the art support technology and you will get the best support available in the market. You can contact them via phone, email or chat. You will also find lot of cool and interesting topics on their website than can help you in lot of small problems that you will face in setting up your service.

We can never guarantee the support that is offered by any company because different people will have access to different contact centers and this can affect the support in lot of ways but in general the support of Verizon is very good as compared to other internet service providers.


Fast Download and Free Modem

So far as DSL speeds go, Verizon Wireless works very well, with their best plan providing up to 15 Mbps. This is significantly faster than the rates that most other DSL businesses provide, and should be ideal for the typical Internet user and more than sufficient if you only go online sometimes. For this cause, Verizon is a great option for anyone interested in DSL Internet services.

Verizon gives all clients who subscribe for one of their improved plans a free device with their buying. The Enhanced plans are basically any DSL Internet bundle that provides download speeds in extra of 1 Mbps.

Offers like these are unique among Internet service providers and should certainly be valued, particularly since Verizon Wireless makes it so effortless to get this contract. You should not let this be the determining factor when choosing a DSL Internet provider, but it's definitely a nice bonus.

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No Credit Check

You do not have to go via a credit check to subscribe for Verizon's DSL service, which is rather uncommon but also very nice. Many companies need this of their clients prior to getting service and, while it may not be an problem for most individuals, it is still awesome to see Verizon putting one less limitation between potential customers and their quality DSL Internet service.

Please Rate Verizon

4.3 out of 5 stars from 15 ratings of Verizon

Phone Required for DSL

Generally there is no way to subscribe for Verizon Wireless' DSL Internet without signing up for telephone service. This is a restriction that most other DSL services do not have, so you may be discouraged to hear that Verizon does.

It also implies that Verizon’s service may be a slight more expensive than you would anticipate, since you should also pay for a telephone plan. Nevertheless, if you are considering in bundling Verizon's Internet, telephone, and TV services anyway, this will not be a big deal at all.


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    • Con Judge profile imageAUTHOR

      Con Judge 

      3 years ago from Pakistan


    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very cool review, GOOD job.

    • Con Judge profile imageAUTHOR

      Con Judge 

      3 years ago from Pakistan

      I am so sorry to hear this but as i said in my hub that these things depends on your area.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My experience is very bad with this internet service provider, they charge more what they say and their customer service is very bad.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very beautiful review of verizon, i hope you will write the review of other companies as well.


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