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Review on I-Doser Adrenaline

Updated on November 4, 2012

What is I-Doser?

So if you found this hub, I'm guessing you know at least a little bit about it, but for those of you who stumbled upon it here's what it is:

I-Dosers are audio files that play waves of sound that affects your brainwaves to give you a sense of a different state of mind. A lot of these doses include drugs like cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, etc... and along with some other doses like adrenaline, orgasm, and first love. Each one is supposed to simulate what you would actually experience if you had/used these things in real life.

Does it Work?

I know that when you stumble across this, the major question would be, do these doses work? Personally, I have tried a couple (Though the first few I tried was a couple years ago and I hadn't given it much of a chance) and this most recent one, Adrenaline, worked! The ones I had tried in the past I haven't really given much of a chance so they didn't work that I noticed. This time I decided to give it another shot, and try it as it is directed to be most effective.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different and it might also take a couple tries for it to completely work for you. If you give it a shot, I suggest you lay down in a darker room without any distractions and just focus on the sound like it directs, and if it doesn't work, give it a couple more tries before disregarding it.

My Experience: Adrenaline

I chose this dose mostly because my boyfriend was interested in it. So we both laid down right before bed and played the dose in a dark room. I wasn't too sure it was going to work, but I gave it a shot. After, I want to say five minutes, my heart started to beat a little bit harder. I figured it was just me over thinking the dose, but as the dose continued my heart started to pound, and it felt just like I had gotten a big adrenaline rush, just as if something had scared me. I ended up turning off the dose about two thirds in because I had gotten so stressed out. I have to say it worked just as well as if an adrenaline rush had happened naturally.



I do recommend at least giving I-Doser a try, if not the adrenaline one, one you are personally interested in. Go into it with an open mind and see what each dose can do for you.

Have you tried an I-Doser dose? If yes put what you tried in the comments.

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